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Date:   Tue, 20 Oct 2015 17:52:23 +0100

docs/hcl/kgpe-d16.html: add note about flash chip sizes

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diff --git a/docs/hcl/kgpe-d16.html b/docs/hcl/kgpe-d16.html @@ -56,7 +56,10 @@ <div class="section"> <h1 id="flashchips">Flash chips</h1> <p> - TODO: write this + 2MiB flash chips are included by default, on these boards. It's on a P-DIP 8 slot (SPI chip). + The flash chip can be upgraded to higher sizes: 4MiB, 8MiB or 16MiB. With at least 8MiB, + you could feasibly fit a compressed linux+initramfs image (BusyBox+Linux system) into CBFS + and boot that, loading it into memory. </p> <p> <b>