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Note about script for USB keyboard wakeup on gm45 laptosp

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diff --git a/docs/libreboot.texi b/docs/libreboot.texi @@ -7691,6 +7691,12 @@ Alternatively you can use i2cdump. In Trisquel, this is in the package i2c-tools If neither of these options work (or they are unavailable), physically removing the LCD panel is an option. Usually, there will be information printed on the back. +@node USB keyboard wakeup on GM45 laptops + +Look at resources/scripts/helpers/misc/libreboot_usb_bugfix + +Put this script in /etc/init.d/ on debian-based systems. + @node About the libreboot project @chapter About the libreboot project GNU Libreboot is a free BIOS or UEFI replacement (@uref{,free as in freedom}); libre @i{boot firmware} that initializes the hardware and starts a bootloader for your operating