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diff --git a/docs/install/ b/docs/install/ @@ -353,14 +353,14 @@ MacBook2,1: Initial installation guide (if running the proprietary firmware) {#f ============================================================================ *If you have a MacBook1,1, refer to -[../hardware/\#macbook11](../hardware/#macbook11) for flashing instructions.* +[../hardware/\#information-about-the-macbook11](../hardware/#information-about-the-macbook11) for flashing instructions.* *This is for the MacBook2,1 while running Apple EFI firmware. If you already have coreboot or libreboot running, then go to [\#flashrom](#flashrom) instead!* Be sure to read the information in -[../hardware/\#macbook21](../hardware/#macbook21). +[../hardware/\#information-about-the-macbook21](../hardware/#information-about-the-macbook21). *Warning: this guide will not instruct the user how to backup the original Apple EFI firmware. For that, please refer to