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diff --git a/docs/hardware/ b/docs/hardware/ @@ -73,21 +73,21 @@ supported by Libreboot. Caution: Video acceleration requires a non-free blob, software rendering can be used instead. ============================================================================================= -The Tamil driver source code for the onboard Mali T GPU is not released. -The developer has so-far withheld it. Until that is released, the only -way to use video (in freedom) on this laptop is to not have video -acceleration, by making sure not to install the relevant blob. Most -tasks can still be performed without video acceleration, without any -noticeable performance penalty. +The C201 has a Mali T GPU, which requires a non-free blob. A driver, +Tamil, was written, but its source code has not been released. The +developer has so-far [withheld +it]( Use software rendering to +avoid the blob instead. Most tasks can still be performed without video +acceleration, without any noticeable performance penalty. In practise, this means that certain things like games, blender and GNOME shell (or other fancy desktops) won't work well. The libreboot project recommends a lightweight desktop which does not need video acceleration, such as *XFCE* or *LXDE*. -The Tamil developer wrote this blog post, which sheds light on the -story: -[,]( +As it is unlikely that Tamil will be released, the +[chai]( project is writing a driver as +well. Ask on IRC if you think you can contribute. Caution: WiFi requires a non-free blob, a USB dongle can be used instead. =========================================================================