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diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -6,6 +6,63 @@ x-toc-enable: true Important issues ================ +Is the Libreboot project still active? +------------------------------------------- + +Yes! The [git repository]( shows all of +the work that we're currently doing. Libreboot is quite active. + +So when is the next version of Libreboot coming out? +------------------------------------------------------- + +Short answer: It's out when it's out. If you want to help out and submit +patches, refer to [the Git page]( + +We don't issue ETAs. + +Long answer: + +We've been re-writing the entire Libreboot build system from scratch, since +the previous release. This has taken longer than we expected, but the new +build system is reaching maturity. We are polishing it. + +Once the new build system is stable, our next priority is ensuring that all +currently supported build targets build properly in Libreboot. + +After that, the priority is to make sure that all current boards in Libreboot +use the most up to date revision of coreboot, with all of the most recent fixes +and improvements. Testing those boards will then be a matter of peer review, +reaching out to the entire community via alpha/beta/RC releases. + +Generally, all major release-blocking issues must be addressed before a new +release can be issued. See: +<> + +The most important tasks now are as follows: + +- Study the build system of Libreboot (written in BASH), and make fixes to it. +- Work on new improvements and help with testing once ROMs build for all + boards, when the build system is stable. +- In particular, there are several new boards in coreboot that we can add to + Libreboot, as documented on the Libreboot bug tracker. These will also have + to be added, and fully tested. Instructions for setting up hardware-based + flashing tools can be found in + [the Libreboot installation guides](docs/install/) +- Bugs! Report bugs! <> +- A few new board ports will also come in handy ;) + If you've got the skills, we'd really appreciate that. Port them to coreboot + first, or make existing coreboot targets work without binary blobs. + +More generally: + +- Tell your friends about Libreboot! Libreboot wants to liberate as many people + as possible. +- If you have ways to improve the documentation, you can do that too. + Refer to [the Git page]( for instructions on submitting patches to the + documentation. +- Encourage companies, or any persons with the skills/resources, to get + involved with Libreboot development. + What version of libreboot do I have? ----------------------------------------------------------------