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diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -3,16 +3,16 @@ title: Information about sending patches for review x-toc-enable: true ... -Useful information, related to Libreboot development, including links to -the Git repositories where development is done. Development discussion -is done on IRC and on the libreboot -[subreddit]( +Useful information, related to Libreboot development, including links to the +Git repositories where development is done. Developments within Libreboot are +discussed on the +[IRC channel]( Download Libreboot from the Git repository here: **git clone** -How can I help the libreboot project? +How can I help the libreboot project? -------------------------------------- **At any given time, here is a list of tasks if there are any, for the @@ -95,6 +95,9 @@ distributions package it in their repositories). Use this command, to download the repository: +How to download Libreboot from the Git repository: +-------------------------------------------------- + **git clone** A new directory named ***libreboot*** will have been created, containing @@ -125,32 +128,3 @@ you could also notify the project via the #libreboot channel on FreeNode. Relevant links to bug trackers for discussing development (especially patch review) are on [NotABug]( - -**Check [\#githosting](#githosting), for a list of Git hosting providers -that we recommend.** - -List of recommended Git hosting providers ------------------------------------------ - -There are several that we could recommend: - -- [You!]( - (host your own Git repository, on your own server, on your own - internet connection, in your own physical space) -- []( - the - [source]( is also available if you want to run - it on your own server. - -The libreboot project itself uses all of the above options. - -Most Git hosting providers distribute non-free JavaScript on their -website, but as far as we are aware all of these providers are -freedom-friendly and reliable to use (and their JavaScript is free). -This list will be expanded upon at a later date. The hosting providers -above are all powered by Free Software, which means that you can also -host your own version of the software that they use on their website. - -We generally recommend self-hosting (first option in the list above). -Git is a *decentralized* (distributed) version control system. However, -not everyone can afford to do this, so using one of the other providers -on the list above is also acceptable.