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delete task list in docs/ - it's on the download page now

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diff --git a/docs/src/tasks.texi b/docs/src/tasks.texi @@ -1,110 +0,0 @@ -\input texinfo -@documentencoding UTF-8 - -@ifnottex -@paragraphindent 0 -@end ifnottex -@titlepage -@title Libreboot task list -@end titlepage - -@node Top -@top Libreboot task list - -@node Libreboot task list -@chapter Libreboot task list -@anchor{#libreboot-task-list} -Back to @uref{index.html,index.html}. - -@node URGENT tasks for next upcoming release -@chapter URGENT tasks for next upcoming release -@anchor{#urgent-tasks-for-next-upcoming-release} -@itemize -@item -Make libreboot GNU-compatible (see -@item -Fix keyboard init on x60/t60 (right now delay isn't long enough. might be fixed upstream) -@item -GM45 laptops in libreboot.git currently have uneven backlight at lower levels. -This was fixed but patch was removed due to upstream changes, with intent to -re-implement fix on top of upstream later. Do that. -@item -use the timeless branch from coreboot (rebase for different revisions). we don't need timestamps. -this is needed for reproducible builds (reproducible builds are for later release, not next release). -See @uref{,} -and @uref{,} -@item -(probably won't be done before release) have damo22 look into vesa framebuffer graphics on d510mo (right -now only text mode works, including in GNU/Linux) -@end itemize - -@node Important tasks for the libreboot project -@chapter Important tasks for the libreboot project -@anchor{#important-tasks-for-the-libreboot-project} -This page is part of the git repository, so feel free to submit patches adding to or removing from this list. (adapting the HTML should be simple enough) - -@ref{#pagetop,Back to top of page.} - -@node Platform-specific bugs -@chapter Platform-specific bugs -@anchor{#platform-specific-bugs} -@itemize -@item -GM45: investigate S3/raminit on all models (CPU stepping/cpuid). Suspend is -broken in newer versions of coreboot on some libreboot laptops (e.g. GM45). -See @uref{hcl/x200.html#ram_s3_microcode,hcl/x200.html#ram_s3_microcode} -@item -KFSN4-DRE: jittery text-mode graphics. @uref{hcl/kfsn4-dre.html#issues,More info} -@item -Fix these issues on GM45/GS45 targets: -@itemize -@item -GM45: broken text-mode. Bisect of coreboot is needed, but we think that it was -broken on the very first commit that introduced native graphics initialization -and ever since. n1cky on IRC was investigating this. -@item -X60: on the latest coreboot-libre update lately (during June 2015), keyboard works intermittently. Bisect and fix. -@item -Fix remaining incompatible LCD panels in native graphics some GM45 and i945 laptops. See @uref{hcl/gm45_lcd.html,hcl/gm45_lcd.html}. - EDID related, or difference in how VGA ROM does init. Investigate. -We do not believe that this actually has anything to do with EDID. We don't -currently know what the problem is. -@end itemize - -@item -@strong{Finish all work listed in @uref{future/index.html,future/index.html}} -@item -Fix these issues on i945 targets (X60/T60/macbook21) -@itemize -@item -i945: fix VRAM size (currently 8MB. should be 64MB). See @uref{future/index.html#i945_vram_size,future/index.html#i945_vram_size}. -@item -Fix remaining incompatible LCD panels in native graphics on T60. See @uref{future/index.html#lcd_i945_incompatibility,future/index.html#lcd_i945_incompatibility}. - EDID related, or difference in how VGA ROM does init. Investigate. -@end itemize - -@ref{#pagetop,Back to top of page.} - -@node Improvements to the utilities -@chapter Improvements to the utilities -@anchor{#improvements-to-the-utilities} -@itemize -@item -Make ich9gen/ich9deblob portable. They both rely extensively on bitfields, and they assume little-endian; for instance, mapping a little endian file directly to a struct, instead of serializing/deserializing. Re-factor both utilities and make them fully portable. -@item -Make ich9gen/ich9deblob/demefactory show GPL license info via @emph{--version} argument. -@item -Adapt linux-libre deblob scripts for use with coreboot. Libreboot is already deblobbed using its own script, but updating it is still a bit too manual. linux-libre's deblob scripts do an excellent job and (adapted) will make it much easier to maintain coreboot-libre. -@end itemize - -@ref{#pagetop,Back to top of page.} - -Copyright © 2014, 2015, 2016 Leah Woods <>@* Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. 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