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diff --git a/www/news/ b/www/news/ @@ -0,0 +1,35 @@ +% Formalising Democracy +% Alyssa Rosenzweig +% 25 Apr 2017 + +One month ago, the [Open Letter to the Free Software Community](/news/ +was published, alluding to the new Libreboot leadership. Today, the ideals +expressed there have been formalised into an official project policy. In the +new [General Management Guidelines](/, the ins-and-outs of our +democratic system is codified, including the formal team list. Hint, hint: the +structure isn't "I, Alyssa Rosenzweig, decide everything and Thou shall bow +down to me"! There are four core team members, and we welcome community +feedback for major decisions. + +There was an underlying tension in the letter: should Libreboot rejoin GNU? On +purely political and technical levels, the answer is a resounding "yes". We +share the mission of spreading free software. Our communities overlap. Most of +the Libreboot community uses GNU software, and much of GNU uses libreboot. +Technically, the tighter itnegration is useful. Politically, closer ties will +strengthen both of our projects. But this is neither completely a political or +technical question -- it is a human one. + +There is no easy answer to this. But the best course of action is to reach out +beyond the team to the community at large. A number of people ranging from +Libreboot users to GNU developers to casual bystanders chimed in, and the +answer was an overwhelming "yes, you should have done this a month ago!" + +With that in mind, we have reapplied for GNU. Leah conducted the initial +discussions, such as the Reddit thread, as she felt that she needed to correct +her own error. I have since been handling the application itself, which was +submitted recently. GNU has not yet made a decision on the matter. Ultimately, +it will be up to Richard Stallman himself whether the mutual benefits of +joining will outweigh any potential awkwardness. + +No matter the response, Libreboot remains committed to free software. Whether +or not we need a g'new name, this will never change.