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diff --git a/docs/gnulinux/ b/docs/gnulinux/ @@ -3,6 +3,8 @@ title: Installing Parabola or Arch GNU+Linux-Libre, with Full-Disk Encryption (i x-toc-enable: true ... +Also see: +[Installing Hyperbola GNU+Linux, with Full-Disk Encryption (including /boot)]( This guide covers how to install Parabola GNU+Linux-Libre, with full disk encryption, including **/boot** (the boot directory). On most systems, **/boot** has diff --git a/docs/gnulinux/ b/docs/gnulinux/ @@ -20,6 +20,8 @@ However, with Libreboot, GRUB is already included directly (as a payload), so ev - Follow-Up Tutorial: [Configuring Parabola (Post-Install)]( +- [Installing Hyperbola GNU+Linux, with Full-Disk Encryption (including /boot)]( + - [Installing Trisquel GNU+Linux-Libre, with Full-Disk Encryption (including /boot)]( - [Installing Debian or Devuan GNU+Linux-Libre, with Full-Disk Encryption (including /boot)](