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commit 1a92b1b84e09956ad262587dc21209531c43665e
parent ca2fc96ab3d24c372dd902b23eb10c330db3c995
Author: P. J. McDermott <>
Date:   Sun, 31 May 2015 17:21:37 -0400

build/release/src: New script

This new script:

  * Doesn't generate a manifest.
  * Changes directories as little as possible.
  * Uses git-describe to generate a version string instead of getting
    the HEAD commit ID from the master branch (which assumed the release
    was being made from master).
  * Optionally includes a version string in the archive file name.

resources/scripts/helpers/build/release/archives | 130-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
resources/scripts/helpers/build/release/src | 113+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
2 files changed, 113 insertions(+), 130 deletions(-)

diff --git a/resources/scripts/helpers/build/release/archives b/resources/scripts/helpers/build/release/archives @@ -58,35 +58,6 @@ rm -f tobuild.tar.xz rm -rf release/ rm -rf tobuild/ rm -rf libreboot_bin -rm -rf libreboot_src - -# Get manifest which will be used to copy everything -find -maxdepth 1 > releasefilelist - -printf "\n\n" - -# ### Prepare libreboot_src archive ready for release -# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -printf "Copying libreboot sources to libreboot_src/\n" -mkdir libreboot_src - -for resource in $(cat releasefilelist) -do - if [ "$resource" != "." ] && [ "$resource" != "./docs" ]; then - cp -r $resource libreboot_src - fi -done - -cd libreboot_src/ - -# clean everything -./build clean all - -# back to main checkout directory -cd ../ - -printf "\n\n" # ### Create the release/ directory where the archives will go # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @@ -95,48 +66,6 @@ printf "\n\n" mkdir release/ mkdir release/rom/ -# ### Further work in libreboot_src: delete *.git and *.svn -# ### To save space since they are not useful in the release archives -# ### Changes to these projects should be submitted upstream -# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -echo "Deleting .git* and .svn* in the modules of libreboot_src/\n" - -cd libreboot_src/ - -# These instructions will also work even if .git or .svn are already deleted -# because "rm -rf" won't complain if they are missing. It is still useful on -# the release archives (non-git), for example if the user re-downloads these programmes. - -# remove .git for libreboot project itself -rm -rf .git* - -# remove .git for bucts -cd bucts/ -rm -rf .git* -cd ../ - -# coreboot: -# the instructions for coreboot remain in the download script -# they need to stay there, because otherwise "git diff" -# will show the blobs that were deleted (which means, -# that libreboot would be distributing blobs) - -# Flashrom: -cd flashrom/ -rm -rf .svn -cd ../ - -# GRUB: -cd grub/ -rm -rf .git -rm -f .gitignore -cd ../ - -printf "\n\n" - -cd ../ - # ### Prepare ROM archives ready for release # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @@ -348,72 +277,14 @@ printf "\n\n" # ### Create the release tarballs # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -# Also delete the manifest -rm -f libreboot_src/releasefilelist -rm -f libreboot_util/releasefilelist -rm -f releasefilelist - -# Useless files -rm -rf libreboot_src/TODO/ -rm -f libreboot_src/push - -# Delete the deblob scripts from libreboot_src -# Since _src doesn't distribute the download scripts, -# and already comes with a deblobbed coreboot, the -# deblobbing scripts aren't needed at all -rm -rf libreboot_src/resources/utilities/coreboot-libre/ - -# We don't want to encourage development -# to happen on the release archives. -# Development goes in git. These scripts are -# not needed in libreboot_src, because -# the files that they download are already included -rm -rf libreboot_src/resources/scripts/helpers/build/release -rm -f libreboot_src/download -rm -rf libreboot_src/resources/scripts/helpers/download/ -# no need for script to purge sources, since purged sources -# are already included in libreboot_src -rm -rf libreboot_src/resources/scripts/helpers/build/trim/ - -# Patches are not needed, because they are -# already merged in libreboot_src/coreboot/ -rm -rf libreboot_src/resources/libreboot/patch/ - -# ich9deblob: there are certain files in there -# that the user most likely does not want to share -rm -f libreboot_src/resources/utilities/ich9deblob/deblobbed_descriptor.bin -rm -f libreboot_src/resources/utilities/ich9deblob/factory.rom -rm -f libreboot_src/resources/utilities/ich9deblob/libreboot.rom -rm -f libreboot_src/resources/utilities/ich9deblob/mkdescriptor.c -rm -f libreboot_src/resources/utilities/ich9deblob/mkdescriptor.h -rm -f libreboot_src/resources/utilities/ich9deblob/mkgbe.c -rm -f libreboot_src/resources/utilities/ich9deblob/mkgbe.h -rm -f libreboot_src/resources/utilities/ich9deblob/ich9fdgbe_4m.bin -rm -f libreboot_src/resources/utilities/ich9deblob/ich9fdgbe_8m.bin -rm -f libreboot_src/resources/utilities/ich9deblob/demefactory_4kdescriptor.bin -rm -f libreboot_src/mkgbe.c -rm -f libreboot_src/mkgbe.h -rm -f libreboot_src/ich9fdgbe_8m.bin -rm -f libreboot_src/ich9fdgbe_4m.bin - -# delete the "tobuild" -rm -rf libreboot_src/tobuild/ -rm -f libreboot_src/tobuild.tar.xz - # mention the commit ID (libreboot, git) in the release archives -cat commitid > libreboot_src/commitid cat commitid > libreboot_util/commitid -# create lzma compressed src archive -printf "Compressing libreboot_src/ into libreboot_src.tar.xz\n" -tar -c libreboot_src | xz -9e >libreboot_src.tar.xz - printf "Compressing libreboot_util/ into libreboot_util.tar.xz\n" # create lzma compressed util archive tar -c libreboot_util | xz -9e >libreboot_util.tar.xz # Move the archives to the release directory -mv libreboot_src.tar.xz release/ mv libreboot_util.tar.xz release/ # Put the change log in the release directory. cp docs/release.html release/ @@ -430,7 +301,6 @@ printf "\n\n" # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # The uncompressed archives are no longer needed -rm -rf libreboot_src rm -rf libreboot_util # For those utilities that have to be built on the target diff --git a/resources/scripts/helpers/build/release/src b/resources/scripts/helpers/build/release/src @@ -0,0 +1,113 @@ +#!/bin/sh + +# +# helper script: generate the source release archive +# +# Copyright (C) 2014, 2015 Francis Rowe <> +# Copyright (C) 2015 Patrick "P. J." McDermott <> +# +# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify +# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by +# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or +# (at your option) any later version. +# +# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, +# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of +# MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the +# GNU General Public License for more details. +# +# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License +# along with this program. If not, see <>. +# + +[ "x${DEBUG+set}" = 'xset' ] && set -v +set -u -e + +printf 'Building the source release archive\n' + +version="$(git describe --tags HEAD)" +if [ "x${VERSION_IN_FILENAMES+set}" = 'xset' ]; then + distdir="libreboot_${version}_src" +else + distdir='libreboot_src' +fi + +printf 'Deleting old source release archives\n' +rm -f "${distdir}.tar.xz" +rm -f "release/${distdir}.tar.xz" +rm -Rf "${distdir}/" + +mkdir "${distdir}/" + +printf 'Copying sources to %s/\n' "${distdir}" +for resource in *; do + case "${resource}" in + libreboot_* | release | tobuild* | docs);; + *) cp -R "${resource}" "${distdir}/";; + esac +done + +printf '%s\n' "${version}" >"${distdir}/version" + +printf 'Cleaning files in %s/\n' "${distdir}" + +# Clean old builds. +(cd "${distdir}/" && ./build clean all) +printf '\n' + +# Delete Git repositories and properties and Subversion administrative +# directories and properties. +rm -Rf "${distdir}/bucts/".git* +rm -Rf "${distdir}/flashrom/".svn* +rm -Rf "${distdir}/grub/".git* + +# Delete useless files. +rm -Rf "${distdir}/TODO/" +rm -f "${distdir}/push" + +# Delete the deblob scripts. +# Since the source archive doesn't distribute the download scripts and already +# comes with a deblobbed coreboot, the deblobbing scripts aren't needed at all. +rm -Rf "${distdir}/resources/utilities/coreboot-libre/" + +# We don't want to encourage development to happen on the release archives. +# Development goes in Git. These scripts are not needed in the source archive, +# because the files that they download are already included and trimmed. +rm -Rf "${distdir}/resources/scripts/helpers/build/release/" +rm -f "${distdir}/download" +rm -Rf "${distdir}/resources/scripts/helpers/download/" +rm -Rf "${distdir}/resources/scripts/helpers/build/trim/" + +# Patches are not needed, because they are already applied to coreboot sources. +rm -Rf "${distdir}/resources/libreboot/patch/" + +# coreboot's crossgcc archives are distributed separately. +rm -Rf "${distdir}/coreboot/util/crossgcc/tarballs/" + +# ich9deblob: There are certain files in there that the user most likely does +# not want to share. +rm -f "${distdir}/resources/utilities/ich9deblob/deblobbed_descriptor.bin" +rm -f "${distdir}/resources/utilities/ich9deblob/factory.rom" +rm -f "${distdir}/resources/utilities/ich9deblob/libreboot.rom" +rm -f "${distdir}/resources/utilities/ich9deblob/mkdescriptor.c" +rm -f "${distdir}/resources/utilities/ich9deblob/mkdescriptor.h" +rm -f "${distdir}/resources/utilities/ich9deblob/mkgbe.c" +rm -f "${distdir}/resources/utilities/ich9deblob/mkgbe.h" +rm -f "${distdir}/resources/utilities/ich9deblob/ich9fdgbe_4m.bin" +rm -f "${distdir}/resources/utilities/ich9deblob/ich9fdgbe_8m.bin" +rm -f "${distdir}/resources/utilities/ich9deblob/demefactory_4kdescriptor.bin" +rm -f "${distdir}/mkgbe.c" +rm -f "${distdir}/mkgbe.h" +rm -f "${distdir}/ich9fdgbe_8m.bin" +rm -f "${distdir}/ich9fdgbe_4m.bin" + +printf 'Creating %s.tar.xz\n' "${distdir}" +tar -c "${distdir}/" | xz -9e >"${distdir}.tar.xz" + +# Move the archives to the release/ directory. +[ -d release/ ] || mkdir release/ +mv "${distdir}.tar.xz" release/ + +rm -Rf "${distdir}/" + +printf 'Source release archives are stored in release/\n'