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diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -33,6 +33,31 @@ GNU+Linux distributions package it in their repositories). GNU+Linux is generally recommended as the OS of choice, for Libreboot development. +General code review guidelines +------------------------------ + +Non-core members will push to their own repository, and issue a Pull Request. +Core maintainers of Libreboot can push to the repository, but not to the master +branch; they must push it to a non-master branch, and again issue a Pull +Request. + +An individual or group of people will then review the patch sent by the +contributor. With approval from a core maintainer, or otherwise someone with +merge rights on the repository, the patch will be merged into the official +*master* branch. + +Those with push/merge access on the official Libreboot repository must never +directly push their own patches to the master branch, and they must never +merge their own Pull Request. Regardless of the individual's standing and +frequency of contributions within the project, those who decide whether to +merge a patch will *always* differ from the original contributor. + +These guidelines are *enforced*, to avoid the appearance of a BDFL (Benevolent +Dictator for Life) in the Libreboot project, as one previously existed in the +project. Libreboot is a collectively and democratically governed project. +Maintainers who violate these guidelines may, at the discretion of other +maintainers, have their push/merge rights revoked. + How to download Libreboot from the Git repository ------------------------------------------------- diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -13,7 +13,8 @@ mascot"){#logo}]( [Contact/IRC]( -- [Report bugs]( -- [Send patches]( -- -[Tasks]( +[Tasks]( -- +[Project Management Information]( Libreboot is a [free]( and Open Source BIOS or UEFI replacement, initialising the hardware and booting your diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -0,0 +1,115 @@ +--- +title: General management guidelines and leadership information +x-toc-enable: true +... + +This document sets out general guidelines for how the Libreboot project is +governed, managed and who constitutes the core leadership of the project. + +All project members must act according to the +[Guidelines for Good Conduct in the Libreboot community]( + +Democratic governance of the Libreboot project +---------------------------------------------- + +Previously, the Libreboot leadership was a BDFL (Benevolent Dictator For Life) +arrangement, with the project's founder (Leah Rowe) having exclusive control +over the project, delegating tasks (by her own exclusive discretion) to others. +This style was very similar to the leadership structure of the Linux kernel +project via Linus Torvalds and, while initially effective, was found to be +ineffective and counter-productive in the long term. + +The old leadership structure has been **abandoned**, and Leah is no longer leader +of the Libreboot project. This decision was made democratically and +collectively, by the same overall standards set out in this document, with +Leah's direct approval and participation, in the best long-term interests of +the Libreboot project, where she agreed to stand down as project leader. + +In principle and in practise, Libreboot is now a collectively and democratically +governed project. Any individual member of the community, regardless of their +current standing or reputation, can propose changes to the project (this +includes code/documentation contributions, project management decisions and +so on). The proposal can be absolutely anything, within reason where it is +relevant to Libreboot and could be beneficial. + +All proposals are subject to review and approval by the community. In the case +of code patches, any member of the public can also voice their opinions on a +contribution; the patch will also be reviewed by one of the core maintainers +of the project. In the case of general project decisions, such as general +policies of the project and management roles (such as, removing a core member +who starts acting out of line with and/or in violation of project policies), +the decision will also be polled by the community, to assess public support for +such a decision. With public approval, and agreement among the core maintainers, +the decision would then be enacted, and it falls on them to implement the +mandate that was set, whatever that mandate might be. + +Actual places to poll members of the public, shall be decided on by the core +maintainers. Examples could include the IRC channel, the subreddit r/libreboot, +the mailing list (if one exists), and any other place deemed appropriate. + +Those who are part of the core maintainers and core management team, can be +appointed and removed at the behest of popular public demand, with approval +from the current +core maintainers and/or management team within the Libreboot project. + +Generally, the project should not have a single leader, but if such a role is +required in the future, it will be a rotating leadership, to be changed +after a certain period, subject to approval by the core maintainers and by +popular public demand. Exact infrastructure for how to cast such votes and +make such appointments will be decided at that time, when it becomes necessary +for the Libreboot project. + +Information about Libreboot's code review and code management guidelines +can be found +[on the Git section of the website]( + +Information about core team members, responsible for the Libreboot project +-------------------------------------------------------------------------- + +- Alyssa Rosenzweig handles Communications and Public Relations\*, acting + additionally as the official System Administrator for the Libreboot project + infrastructure. + IRC nick **alyssa** on Freenode. +- Paul Kocialkowski is one of the core developers. IRC nick **paulk-X** on + Freenode (**X** is variable, for this individual, and changes over time) +- Leah Rowe is one of the core developers. IRC nick **\_4of7** on Freenode +- Swift Geek is one of the core developers. IRC nick **swiftgeek** on Freenode + +All of the people above are moderators in the Libreboot IRC channel, and +form the basis of the project's collective inner leadership, responsible as +trustees for the project in ensuring the projects long-term success and for +general management of the project. + +All core members have push access to the Git repository for Libreboot. +Additionally, Alyssa and Leah have SSH access (including root) to the main +server for (this list will expand, if Alyssa and Leah both agree +and if it is appropriate, e.g. if more System Administrators join the +project). + +Any member of the public can join this list, if they make substantial +contributions and the core team members agree to it. Libreboot's leadership is +open to the public. + +Other team members (IRC operators) who also have influence: + +- IRC nick **specing** on the Libreboot IRC channel. +- IRC nick **pizzaiolo** on the Libreboot IRC channel. +- IRC nick **jxself** on the Libreboot IRC channel. + +Additionally, Libreboot has a separate set of operators on the subreddit +r/libreboot. Check Reddit for more information. Actions taken by moderators +there are also subject to these management guidelines. + +GNU project oversight (pending Libreboot's potential GNU membership) +-------------------------------------------------------------------- + +Libreboot has applied to become a member of the GNU project, per agreement by +the core maintainers, plus widespread public support. This is being +handled by Alyssa. It is not yet known whether GNU will accept Libreboot, and +we (the core maintainers) are awaiting their response. + +If Libreboot is accepted as a GNU member, then the GNU project will also form +as part of Libreboot's core leadership, overseeing the project. This will +include Richard Stallman. GNU's own leadership is separate from that of the +Libreboot project (and vice versa), at present, but they would merge on +Libreboot's side if a union does occur. diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -41,7 +41,8 @@ fi echo "" >> printf "[License](/ --\n" >> printf "[Information about the Libreboot authors](/ --\n" >> -printf "[Please read our guidelines for good conduct](/\n" >> +printf "[Guidelines for good conduct](/ --\n" >> +printf "[Project Management Guidelines, plus leadership information](/ \n" >> # change out .md -> .html sed -i -e 's/\.md\(#[a-z\-]*\)*)/.html\1)/g'