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Author: Francis Rowe <>
Date:   Thu, 14 May 2015 23:51:21 +0100

docs/release.html: update the change log. new release is imminent.

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diff --git a/docs/release.html b/docs/release.html @@ -111,17 +111,177 @@ </ul> <h2> - Git. No changelog! + Changes for this release (earliest changes last, recent changes first) </h2> - <p> - This version of libreboot is from git. It is not a stable release! - If you are using a snapshot (tarball), you can find a file included called <b>commitid</b> - which tells you what git revision it is from the libreboot git repository. If this is not - a snapshot, then you have cloned libreboot, so you can simply run <b>git log</b>. - </p> <ul> - <li>Did we forget to mention that this is from git?</li> - <li>This is from the libreboot git repository.</li> + <li>docs/maintain/index.html: Finish the guide</li> + <li> + scripts/download/coreboot: use diffs included in libreboot, not external gerrit cherry-picks + - (gerrit) being down no longer kills + libreboot (backup mirrors of the master repository exist) + </li> + <li>docs/install/bbb_setup.html: Add info about wp/hold and pinouts</li> + <li>docs/index.html: improve the description of libreboot</li> + <li>docs/hcl/gm45_remove_me.html: notes about the demefactory utility</li> + <li>docs/install/bbb_setup.html: EHCI debug: recommend linux-libre</li> + <li>docs/install/bbb_setup.html: EHCI Debug logging setup guide</li> + <li>docs/hcl/t500.html: Add screen compatibility report (TODO: fix incompatible screens)</li> + <li> + Update coreboot(again) + merge GM45 hybrid GPU patches + - means that T400/T500 with the ATI+Intel hybrid GPU setup + will work (ATI disabled, Intel permanently enabled). + power_on_after_fail nvram option added to all GM45 boards, + defaulting to No, so that plugging it AC doesn't boot up + the system against the users will. Net20DC is now the default + debug dongle on all boards (compatible with BBB). + </li> + <li>demefactory (new utility): create GM45 factory.rom without the ME</li> + <li>ich9deblob: re-factor descriptor.c functions</li> + <li>docs/hcl/t500.html: add hardware logs</li> + <li>docs/gnulinux/encrypted_*.html: No password for default entry</li> + <li>docs/git/index.html: Add more details about BUC.TS</li> + <li>grub.cfg: Also scan for grub2/grub.cfg, not just grub/grub.cfg</li> + <li>docs/maintain/ (new section. WIP!): Maintaining libreboot</li> + <li>docs/gnulinux/grub_boot_installer.html: Fix hazardous instruction</li> + <li>docs/tasks.html: Better categorization between intel/amd/arm</li> + <li>docs/install/bbb_setup.html: notes about SPI flashing stability</li> + <li>docs/install/bbb_setup.html: more names for the 0.1" cables</li> + <li>docs/install/*_external.html: add disclaimer about thermal paste</li> + <li>docs/install/bbb_setup.html: Fix broken links</li> + <li>docs/install/bbb_setup.html: preliminary notes about EHCI debug</li> + <li>docs/hcl/gm45_remove_me.html: Link to websites talking about the ME</li> + <li>docs/install/{t400,t500,r400}_external.html: Notes about CPU compatibility</li> + <li>Delete the ich9macchange script. It's useless, and confuses people</li> + <li>docs/hcl/gm45_remove_me.html: prioritize ich9gen executable path</li> + <li>docs/hcl/gm45_remove_me.html: prioritize changing mac address</li> + <li>docs/hcl/gm45_remove_me.html: less confusing notes about ich9gen</li> + <li>build/dependencies/parabola: Add dependencies for x86_64</li> + <li>Move parabola/trisquel dependency scripts to scripts/helpers/build</li> + <li>scripts/dependencies/paraboladependencies: build dependencies (32-bit Parabola)</li> + <li><b>New board</b>: ThinkPad T500</li> + <li>Add diffs for descriptor/gbe differences between T500 and X200</li> + <li>coreboot-libre: provide better blob categorization</li> + <li>docs/hcl/gm45_remove_me.html: add notes about flash write protect</li> + <li><b>New board</b>: ThinkPad T400</li> + <li>GRUB: add partial vesamenu.c32 support (fixes tails ISOLINUX menu)</li> + <li>Update GRUB (to revision fa07d919d1ff868b18d8a42276d094b63a58e299)</li> + <li> + Update coreboot (to revision 83b05eb0a85d7b7ac0837cece67afabbdb46ea65) + <ul> + <li> + Intel CPU microcode (most of it) no longer deleted, + because it was deleted upstream (moved to a 3rd + party repository). + </li> + <li>MacBook2,1 cstate patch is no longer cherry picked (merged upstream)</li> + <li>Patch to disable use of timestamps in coreboot no longer included (merged upstream)</li> + <li></li> + </ul> + </li> + <li>coreboot-libre: don't list vortex86ex kbd firmware as microcode (list it separately)</li> + <li>coreboot-libre: don't rm */early_setup_ss.h (these are not blobs)</li> + <li>coreboot-libre: add GPLv3 license to the findblobs script</li> + <li>coreboot-libreboot: don't rm raminit_tables (nahelem/sandybridge) (they are not blobs)</li> + <li>coreboot-libre: don't delete the .spd.hex files (they are not blobs)</li> + <li>build/release/archives: don't put rmodtool in libreboot_util</li> + <li>docs/install/x200_external.html: recommend installing GNU/Linux at the end</li> + <li>docs/install/x200_external.html: add more photos, improve instructions</li> + <li>build/clean/grub: use distclean instead of clean</li> + <li>grub-assemble: Add the <i>bsd</i> and <i>part_bsd</i> modules</li> + <li>build/roms/withgrub: Only run ich9gen if gm45/gs45 images exist</li> + <li>docs/git/index.html: Add notes about building for specific boards</li> + <li>build/roms/withgrub: Allow building for a custom range of boards</li> + <li>grub-assemble: Disable verbose output</li> + <li>Add documentation on how to unlock root encrypted fs with key in initramfs in Parabola Linux</li> + <li>docs/gnulinux/grub_cbfs.html: Improve structure (easier to use)</li> + <li>grub.cfg: Disable the beep on startup</li> + <li>docs/install/bbb_setup.html: Make the guide easier to use</li> + <li>docs/gnulinux/grub_cbfs.html: Remove redundant instructions</li> + <li>docs/install/x200_external.html: Mark pins in the images</li> + <li>docs/install/bbb_setup.html: Replace 3.3V PSU photo with ATX PSU</li> + <li>docs/hcl/x200.html: Add dumps from 4-MiB X200 with Lenovo BIOS 3.22</li> + <li>docs/hcl/x200.html: Add dumps from 4-MiB X200 with Lenovo BIOS 3.18</li> + <li>grub.cfg: add syslinux_configfile menuentry for ahci0</li> + <li>grub.cfg: Add more paths for syslinux_configfile</li> + <li>docs/future.html: T60: Add EDID dump from LG-Philips LP150E05-A2K1</li> + <li>docs/install/bbb_setup.html: Further clarify which clip is needed</li> + <li>bash scripts: Make script output more user-friendly in general</li> + <li>bash scripts: Only enable verbose output if DEBUG= is used</li> + <li> + build: Support multiple extra options + - now possible to build multiple images for arbitrary + boards (configs), but without building the entire + collection. + </li> + <li> + Deleted the signing archive key + - the finger print and ID is given instead, so that + the user can download it from a key server + </li> + <li> + scripts/helpers/build/release: Move docs to separate archive + - reduces the size of the other archives considerably + </li> + <li>Move DEBLOB to resources/utilities/coreboot-libre/deblob</li> + <li> + scripts/helpers/build/release: Delete DEBLOB from libreboot_src/ + - not needed in libreboot_src (release archive) because it + contains a coreboot revision that has already been deblobbed. + </li> + <li>flash (script): Use <i>build</i> instead of <i>DEBLOB</i> to know if in src</li> + <li>docs/install/r400_external.html: Show images, don't link.</li> + <li>docs/install/x200_external.html: Show images, don't link.</li> + <li>docs/install/bbb_setup.html: Show images, instead of linking</li> + <li>Documentation: optimize all images (reduce file sizes)</li> + <li> + Remove download links from the release page (and the archive page) + - release archives are hosted differently following this release, + which means that the old methods are no longer viable. + </li> + <li>Moved ich9macchange to resources/scripts/misc/ich9macchange</li> + <li> + ich9macchange: assume that the script is being run from _util + (act only on one ROM image, defined by a user-provided path) + </li> + <li>Move grub-background to resources/scripts/misc/grub-background</li> + <li>grub-background: assume that it is being run from libreboot_util</li> + <li>grub-background: change only one ROM image, specified by path</li> + <li>build (release archives): Add the commitid file to release/</li> + <li>build-release: Move the release archives to release/</li> + <li> + Merge all build scripts into a single generic script, + with helpers in resources/scripts/helpers/build/ + </li> + <li> + Replace "getall" with "download", which takes as input an argument + specifying which programme the user wants to download. + </li> + <li>Moved the get scripts to resources/scripts/helpers/download/</li> + <li>build-release: Remove the powertop entries</li> + <li>Moved powertop.trisquel7 to resources/scripts/misc/</li> + <li>Deleted the powertop.trisquel6 script (Trisquel 6 is obsolete)</li> + <li>Documentation: general improvements to the flashing instructions</li> + <li>Merged all flashing scripts into a single script</li> + <li>Updated GRUB</li> + <li>bucts: Make it build without git</li> + <li>Moved dejavu-fonts-ttf-2.34/AUTHORS to resources/grub/font/</li> + <li>Deleted GRUB Invaders from libreboot</li> + <li>Deleted SeaBIOS from libreboot</li> + <li>build-release: optimize use of tar (reduced file sizes)</li> + <li>grub.cfg: add another SYSLINUX config location (/syslinux/syslinux.cfg)</li> + <li>build-release: remove the bin/ directory from libreboot_util</li> + <li>cleandeps: delete the bin/ directory</li> + <li>buildrom-withgrub: create the bin directory if it does not exist</li> + <li>coreboot-libre: don't use git for version timestamp</li> + <li>i945-pwm: add clean command to Makefile</li> + <li>i945-pwm: add -lz to Makefile</li> + <li>docs/install/x200_external: Mention GPIO33 non-descriptor mode</li> + <li>docs/hcl/index.html: Remove redundant links</li> + <li>ich9macchange: Add R400</li> + <li>build-release: Separate ROM images into individual archives</li> + <li>build-release: rename libreboot_bin to libreboot_util</li> + <li><b>New board:</b> ThinkPad R400 support added to libreboot.</li> + <li>bbb_setup.html: tell user to use libreboot's own flashrom</li> </ul> </div>