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docs/index.html#version: improve explanation

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diff --git a/docs/index.html b/docs/index.html @@ -156,10 +156,12 @@ <div class="section" id="version"> + <h1>How do I know what version I'm running?</h1> + <p> If you are 127 commits after release 20150518 (commit message <i>build/roms/helper: add version information to CBFS</i>) - (or you have any stable release after 20150518), then you can + (or you have any <b>upstream</b> stable release of libreboot after 20150518), then you can press C at the GRUB console, and use this command to find out what version of libreboot you have:<br/> <b>cat (cbfsdisk)/lbversion</b> </p>