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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -0,0 +1,39 @@ +GNU Libreboot + +Libreboot documentation is under docs/ +The website is +License can be found in COPYING and through parts of the source tree. + +Libreboot is a free BIOS or UEFI replacement (free as in freedom); libre boot +firmware that initializes the hardware and starts a bootloader for your +operating system. It's also an open source BIOS, but open source fails to +promote freedom; please call libreboot free software. Since 14 May 2016, +Libreboot is part of the GNU project. + +Why use libreboot? + +Many people use non-free boot firmware, even if they use GNU/Linux. Non-free +BIOS/UEFI firmware often contains backdoors, can be slow and have severe bugs, +where you are left helpless at the mercy of the developers; you have no freedom +over your computing. By contrast, libreboot joins GNU in building a world where +everyone can use, study, adapt and share software, with true control and +ownership over their technology. In other words, you should use Libreboot for +your freedom's sake! + +Libreboot is faster, more secure and more reliable than most non-free firmware, +and can provide many advanced features (such as encrypted /boot/, GPG signature +checking before booting your kernel, ability to load an OS from the flash chip, +and more). + +Libreboot's main upstream providers are coreboot (which we deblob, for hardware +initialization), depthcharge (bootloader, and default libreboot payload on ARM), +and GNU GRUB (bootloader, and default libreboot payload on x86). We also +integrate flashrom (for installing libreboot), and several of our own utilities, +scripts and configuration files. All of this is integrated into a single, +coherent package that is easy to use. We add our own patches to the various +upstreams used, and where feasible try to merge upstream as much as possible. + +Libreboot provides a fully automated build system and installation process, with +documentation written for non-technical users, in an attempt to make the +software as easy to use as possible. ROM images are provided, along with +utilities, all built from the publicly distributed source code.