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diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -82,14 +82,13 @@ Instances of abusive, harassing, or otherwise unacceptable behavior may be reported by contacting one of the moderators privately via IRC private message (see list below): -* Alyssa Rosenzweig: **alyssa** on Freenode -* Andrew Robbins: **and\_who** on Freenode +* Andrew Robbins: **and\_who** on Freenode, email <> * Jason Self: **jxself** on Freenode -* Leah Rowe: **\_4of7** on Freenode +* Leah Rowe: **\_4of7** on Freenode, email <> * Paul Kocialkowski: **paulk-X** Freenode (X is variable, for this - person. + person, email <> check in the channel) -* Swift Geek: **swiftgeek** on Freenode +* Swift Geek: **swiftgeek** on Freenode, email <> If the complaint is for abuses on the Libreboot subreddit at [r/libreboot]( then there are a separate diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -8,8 +8,7 @@ Download Libreboot from the Git repository like so: $ git clone You can submit your patches via -[Notabug pull requests](#how-to-submit-your-patches-via-pull-requests) or -[via mailing list](#how-to-submit-your-patches-via-mailing-list). +[Notabug pull requests](#how-to-submit-your-patches-via-pull-requests). Information about how the Libreboot project is governed is documented in our [general management guidelines]( @@ -92,26 +91,3 @@ have your own Git repository with the patches. Once you have issued a Pull Request, the Libreboot maintainers will be notified via email. If you do not receive a fast enough response from the project, then you could also notify the project via the #libreboot channel on Freenode. - -How to submit your patches (via mailing list) ---------------------------------------------- - -We also have a mailing list at -[]( - -Information about this mailing list, including how to subscribe, can be found -at <>. - -Archives of previous discussion on this mailing list can be found at -<>. - -The mailing list software in use is -[GNU Mailman](, so the way to use it is -the same as on other libre software projects. - -If you prefer, you can submit patches the old-fashioned (as some may say, -proper) way by sending them to our mailing list. Code review by our -[maintainers]( is done on both Notabug and on the mailing list. - -Once approved, your patch will be merged in the master branch of the main Git -repository. diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -10,7 +10,6 @@ mascot"){#logo}]( [Install](docs/install/) -- [Docs](docs/) -- [News](news/) -- -[Lists](lists/) -- [Chat]( -- [Bugs]( -- [Send patches]( -- @@ -23,8 +22,8 @@ operating system. It is also available preinstalled from We provide user support via [\#libreboot IRC]( on Freenode. Development -discussion also occurs on IRC, and on our [mailing list](lists/). Instructions -for sending patches are [here]( +discussion also occurs on IRC. Instructions for sending patches are +[here]( Why use Libreboot? ------------------ diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -27,14 +27,14 @@ List of members in the core management team In alphabetical order: -- Alyssa Rosenzweig is sysadmin and Public Relations manager. - IRC nick **alyssa**. -- Andrew Robbins is a core developer. IRC nick **and\_who** +- Andrew Robbins is a core developer. IRC nick **and\_who**, email + <> - Paul Kocialkowski is a core developer. IRC nick **paulk-X** - (**X** is variable, and changes over time) + (**X** is variable, and changes over time), email <> - Leah Rowe is a core developer (and project founder). IRC nick - **\_4of7** -- Swift Geek is a core developer. IRC nick **swiftgeek** + **\_4of7**, email <> +- Swift Geek is a core developer. IRC nick **swiftgeek**, email + <> Generally, the people on this list have these responsibilities: diff --git a/www/news/MANIFEST b/www/news/MANIFEST @@ -1,3 +1,4 @@ +news/ news/ news/ news/ diff --git a/www/news/ b/www/news/ @@ -0,0 +1,77 @@ +% Alyssa Rosenzweig has resigned from the Libreboot project +% Leah Rowe +% 1 September 2017 + +Alyssa Rosenzweig has notified the rest of the team (Andrew Robbins, Paul +Kocialkowski, Leah Rowe and Swift Geek) of her intention to step down from the +core management team, as per [our management guidelines](../, +due to increased pressure from school studies which prevent her from having +time to contribute. + +In her email, she wishes the Libreboot project well and states that she intends +to continue contributing in the future. + +I, Leah Rowe, wish Alyssa all the best in life, and I'm sure that this will be +felt by the other maintainers in Libreboot, and I'm extremely grateful for the +numerous invaluable contributions that she made to the project. + +A note about the hosting infrastructure, and sysadmin tasks +----------------------------------------------------------- + +Alyssa was previously acting as the system administrator for the Libreboot +project, in charge of maintaining the project's infrastructure. Additionally, +she was acting as Public Relations manager for the project; in particular, she +was handling Libreboot's application to join the GNU project. + +I have since assumed these responsibilities, at least for the time being, and +I will be working alongside the other members of the team going forward. +Since Alyssa had stepped down, nobody was in place to maintain the hosting +infrastructure for the project. Our old hosting provider was giving us issues, +so we switched hosting provider; this means that I'm currently maintaining the +hosting infrastructure for the project, since nobody else was willing to. + +The only piece of infrastructure currently missing is the mailing list. We now +have a fully functional mail server, and I will finish studying and installing +GNU Mailman version 3 (the software that will be used for handling the mailing +list). There are currently no repositories available for it on the GNU+Linux +distribution that uses (Debian), so we will have to maintain it +ourselves. + +Swift Geek also works alongside me, for sysadmin tasks, and has been +particularly helpful in advising on good practises for the setup of the new +mail server. I myself haven't had time to work on it for a while, but it will +be up soon. The mailing list that Alyssa created was only online for a week, +before we had to switch hosting provider for the project, and nobody had +started using it yet, so downtime for the mailing list hasn't been a huge +issue; people use the Notabug instance, and IRC. + +I will issue another news post, once the new mailing list is online. For the +time being, the links to it have been removed on the website. + +The mail server itself is online, so the 4 of us on the team now have email addresses; these are published on the +[governance page](../ If anyone wishes to contact a member of +the project directly via email, we recommend that you use these email +addresses. + +Of interest: the new hosting infrastructure for is entirely +libre. The main router on that network is a Libreboot system, with the router software +running on top of GNU+Linux. The server for (web and mail server) +is also a Libreboot system with GNU+Linux; postfix and dovecot for the mail +server, and nginx for the web server. DNS is also planned (the DNS hosting is +currently outsourced). + +Of further interest: is now IPv6-ready. All services are +dual stack IPv4+IPv6. Stronger encryption is used in the TLS configuration for +nginx aswell, for HTTPS, and HSTS is enabled by default. + +The certificate authority used for TLS is Let's Encrypt. This is used for +HTTPS and for encrypted connections to the mail server. + +The new hosting infrastructure is also much more secure than the previous one, +not just because Libreboot powers it but because of special configurations made +on externally accessible services (such as SSH and email). + +I am currently looking for a new colocation provider, but the hardware used +for hosting should be stable from now on. I have found one, which I'm looking +into, but I'm also considering other options.