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diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -78,6 +78,30 @@ What systems are compatible with libreboot? [See here](docs/hardware/). +Will the Purism laptops be supported? +---------------------------------------------------------------------- + +Short answer: no. + +There are severe privacy, security and freedom issues with these laptops, due +to the Intel chipsets that they use. See: + +- [Intel Management Engine](#intelme) +- [More freedom issues on modern Intel hardware](#intel) + +Most notably, these laptops also use the Intel FSP binary blob, for the entire +hardware initialization. Coreboot does support a particular revision of one of +their laptops, but most are either unsupported or rely on binary blobs for most +of the hardware initialization. + +In particular, the Intel Management Engine is a severe threat to privacy and +security, not to mention freedom, since it is a remote backdoor that provides +Intel remote access to a computer where it is present. + +Intel themselves even admitted it, publicly. + +The Libreboot project recommends avoiding all hardware sold by Purism. + Why is the latest Intel hardware unsupported in libreboot? {#intel} -----------------------------------------------------------