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I've already issued a news +post about this on the libreplanet-discuss mailing list: +<> + +With John Sullivan's blessing: +<> + +If you, the reader, are attending LibrePlanet this year, and you would like to +get a libreboot system flashed for you, then take it with you to LibrePlanet. +There will be knowledgeable people there who can flash libreboot for you. + +Find one of the people on the list below (list will be updated if more people +volunteer to flash). If it's Kurt, they'll flash for you at the technoethical +booth. If it's someone else, they can take you into the speakers lounge - does +not matter if they're not a speaker. John Sullivan of FSF has approved this. +There are tables, chairs and power sockets in that room. +There are also tables and chairs outside the speakers lounge, in the common +area at the conference, but I highly recommend using the speakers lounge. +That's where I took people, on Libreplanet 2015 and 2016 :) +It's really comfy in there. + +John Sullivan of FSF has also confirmed that that there is a dedicated +*alcohol-free social and hacking time* at the FSF office on Saturday 24th +March, between 1900 to 2130 hours. You could also flash someones laptop for +them there, in the conference room at the FSF, or on a table outside. Or the +sysadmin room, if that's OK with them. + +I've been asking around. The following people have confirmed so far that they +will be providing Libreboot flashing services at the conference: + +- Kurt from Technoethical, an FSF-endorsed libreboot hardware seller. They will + also have their own samples. They'll be at the Technoethical booth there. + IRC nick sensiblemn\_ or sensiblemn on #libreboot IRC +- zyliwax from #libreboot IRC - has not committed fully, but is *very likely + to attend*, in their own words. +- Patrick McDermott (pehjota) of Libiquity. I've emailed them to ask, + though I'm not sure if they'll be there - they're usually there though, each + year. +- You could also find an FSF sysadmin and ask them to flash Libreboot for you. + +I would be grateful if anyone else would also be willing to provide flashing. +I myself am not attending the conference physically, unfortunately. + +See mailing list post for more info. If you would like to help Kurt and +zyliwax out, please either reply to that mailing list post on +libreplanet-discuss or email me directly: +[]( and I'll add your name in +the above list. + +Basically, all you need for flashing someones laptop at the conference is: + +- Portable SPI flasher (USB powered. SSH into it via your laptop, use the SPI + flasher's own 3v3, etc). Make sure to use the workaround-mx patch on + flashrom, so that you can use --workaround-mx on Macronix chips, if flashing + an X200, otherwise flashing will be unreliable (see mailing list post linked + above) - portability is important, in case you sit down with someone in + a place without power sockets. + See guides on for setting up SPI flashers, but ignore the notes + about external PSUs and instead just wire up the flasher's own 3v3 connection. + The workaround-mx patch is here: + <> + apply this on flashrom src and build with that. To use it, just pass the + --workaround-mx option in flashrom. +- Screwdrivers (phillips head 0 *and* 00 - sometimes labelled PH0 or PH00, + respectively) +- Thermal paste and thermal cleaning material, for T400 flashing + - arctic mx-4 paste recommended. For cleaning material, use anti-static cloth + and isopropyl alcohol - as pure as possible! ideally close to 100%! 70% + rubbing alcohol is common in USA, and not suitable for electronics +- Anti-ESD wrist/ankle strap, to protect against damage fro electrostatic + discharge when working with circuit boards. + +Optionally: + +- Bring DIP8 25xx SPI chips with libreboot, for ASUS KCMA-D8 or KGPE-D16, for the + conference goer to put in their D8/D16 when they get home. Also PLCC32 LPC + 1MB (or bigger, with padding at the beginning) chips for ASUS KFSN4-DRE +- Soldering equipment (knife tip, hot air, etc) for X200T flashing. NOTE: FSF has + soldering equipment in their offire, you could ask them to lend it to you + if you're flashing a laptop there at the FSF office. NOTE2: Kurt from Techno + is also bringing soldering equipment.