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commit 3a6887be5bc5382d3c25db8503d047255c67400d
parent a5531bd7650a15832492d890d48b3d820d3c5f62
Author: Leah Rowe <>
Date:   Tue,  8 Aug 2017 16:32:51 +0100

remove minifree d16 from suppliers (pull request not needed for this commit)

this concerns an entry on the suppliers page, for a product from my own
company. Pull request therefore not required

I've decided to take D16 off of minifree, in order to reduce competition for
the TALOS II product that Raptor Engineering launched today. The world needs
libre OEMs, and Raptor Engineering is the first one.

www/ | 8--------
1 file changed, 0 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -24,14 +24,6 @@ Laptops: - [Libreboot T400 laptop]( (FSF RYF certified) -Desktops: - -- [Libreboot D16 desktop/workstation]( - -Servers: - -- [Libreboot D16 server]( - Services: - [Libreboot installation service](