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diff --git a/docs/install/ b/docs/install/ @@ -283,10 +283,10 @@ your PI. Power on your Pi, and run the following. Ensure you swap out "your\_chip\_name" with the proper name/model of your chip. Check that it can be read successfully. If you cannot read the chip and receive an -error similar to "no EEPROM Detected" or "0x0 Chip detected" then -you may want to try powering off your PI, and switching the two pins -which are connected to the IO ports. I.E. Connect pins (clip)8 to (pi)19 -and pins (clip)15 to (pi)21 +error similar to "no EEPROM Detected" then +you may want to make sure that MISO/MOSI are not swapped around, check +with multimeter whether voltage is right and that ground is connected +between "programmer" and target. pi# cd ~/flashrom