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Date:   Tue, 10 May 2016 12:36:53 +0100

note about SATA on GA-G41M-ES2L

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diff --git a/docs/src/hcl/ga-g41m-es2l.texi b/docs/src/hcl/ga-g41m-es2l.texi @@ -20,6 +20,9 @@ @anchor{#gigabyte-ga-g41m-es2l-desktop-board} This is a desktop board using intel hardware (circa ~2009, ICH7 southbridge, similar performance-wise to the Libreboot X200. It can make for quite a nifty desktop. Powered by libreboot. +SATA is broken on this board. You can use a SATA HDD using a USB adapter. +IDE on the board is untested, but it might be possible to use a SATA HDD using an IDE SATA adapter. + Read this post on the libreboot mailing list for more information: @uref{,} @strong{NOTE: This board is unsupported in libreboot 20150518. To use it in libreboot, for now, you must build for it from source using the libreboot git repository.}