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diff --git a/docs/install/ b/docs/install/ @@ -264,13 +264,13 @@ executables from the libreboot source code archives. How to update the flash chip contents: - $ sudo ./flash update [yourrom.rom](#rom) +`$ sudo ./flash update `[`yourrom.rom`](#rom) Ocassionally, coreboot changes the name of a given board. If flashrom complains about a board mismatch, but you are sure that you chose the correct ROM image, then run this alternative command: - $ sudo ./flash forceupdate [yourrom.rom](#rom) + `$ sudo ./flash forceupdate `[`yourrom.rom`](#rom) You should see `Verifying flash... VERIFIED.` written at the end of the flashrom output. *Shut down* after you see this, and then boot @@ -303,7 +303,7 @@ the flashing script. do this: * The first half of the procedure is as follows: - $ sudo ./flash i945lenovo\_firstflash [yourrom.rom](#rom). +`$ sudo ./flash i945lenovo_firstflash `[`yourrom.rom`](#rom) You should see within the output the following: @@ -330,13 +330,11 @@ needed (see below). When you have booted up again, you must also do this: - $ sudo ./flash i945lenovo\_secondflash [yourrom.rom](#rom) +`$ sudo ./flash i945lenovo_secondflash `[`yourrom.rom`](#rom) If flashing fails at this stage, try the following: - # sudo ./flashrom/i686/flashrom -p - -internal:laptop=force\_I\_want\_a\_brick -w [yourrom.rom](#rom) +`$ sudo ./flashrom/i686/flashrom -p internal:laptop=force_I_want_a_brick -w `[`yourrom.rom`](#rom) You should see within the output the following: @@ -372,7 +370,7 @@ with your device. Use this flashing script, to install libreboot: - $ sudo ./flash i945apple\_firstflash [yourrom.rom](#rom) +`$ sudo ./flash i945apple_firstflash `[`yourrom.rom`](#rom) You should also see within the output the following: