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diff --git a/docs/tasks.html b/docs/tasks.html @@ -114,6 +114,16 @@ Board-specific wiring (PCI interrupts, DIMM voltage selection). etc. Board seems to use socketed SOIC-8 SPI flash according to tpearson, based on photos available online - looks like a ZIF socket or something else, a clip retaining the chip. </li> + <li> + tpearson says: Tyan seems to have done the same thing as Asus did and built a whole lot of custom power control circuitry out of FETs. + According to him, this will take much effort to reverse engineer. + </li> + <li> + IPMI firmware is non-free but optional (for iKVM feature, remote management like Intel ME). Not sure if add-on module or baked in. + </li> + <li> + SAS controller requires firmware, but optional. (same thing on KGPE-D16). Board also has SATA, so it's fine. + </li> </ul> </li> </ul>