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docs/tasks.html: Update notse about KGPE-D16

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diff --git a/docs/tasks.html b/docs/tasks.html @@ -46,6 +46,48 @@ Libreboot has so far been biased towards Intel. This needs to end (the sooner, the better). A nice start: <ul> <li> + <b>ASUS KGPE-D16</b>: this is a very modern board. It has support both Fam10h and Fam15h AMD CPUs. The board is still + new, and still in production. See + these coreboot mailing list posts:<br/> + <a href="">post 1</a> and + <a href="">post 2</a><br/><br/> + + The board is fully functional (blobs not required), and will be an instant addition to libreboot.<br/><br/> + + <a href="">Raptor Engineering Inc</a> (USA) has ported + this board to coreboot, and is using the port internally on their computing cluster, for + the research that they do. The owner (and the + person who ported the board to coreboot), Timothy Pearson (tpearson on freenode IRC) has reached out to the community, + in request for funding. This funding will pay for the many months of work (at least 4-5 months, for over 10000 + lines of code any many patches that will need to be split up) to get the code + upstreamed into coreboot. This is not as simple as just releasing the code; coreboot has a very strict code + review process (in place to ensure quality control). The patches will have to be split up, with people's + concerns and comments addressed over a long period, with patches constantly rebased to keep up with the + latest coreboot master branch. In order to get this done in a decent enough time frame, Timothy will need + to work on a more-or-less full-time basis. The funding amounts that he has asked for, are as follows: + <ul> + <li>35K USD - This pays for basic support (Fam10h)</li> + <li>+15K USD (stretch goal) - This pays for S3 (suspend/resume) and text-mode graphics initialization</li> + <li>+40K USD (stretch goal) - Fam15h CPU support</li> + </ul> + Although Timothy would be working for many months to get this upstreamed (merged in coreboot's master branch + in the git repository), libreboot would merge it more or less instantly, probably in the same week that the + code is released for review. Timothy would also of course be rebasing the patches on a regular basis, as part + of the review process, so even if it takes longer for the patches to be merged in coreboot, libreboot would have + support for this board.<br/><br/> + + This is a <b>very</b> high-end board, making for a powerful server or workstation (desktop) system + that should easily be more than powerful enough for almost everyone. Timothy has replaced the AGESA + source in coreboot with native initialization code for AMD. The work that he has done can easily be + extended to support more hardware, so getting this code out and upstreamed is very important.<br/><br/> + + Francis Rowe (lead developer of libreboot) is working with Timothy to get a crowd funding campaign started, + and trying to get as many people as possible interested in pledging towards the campaign.<br/><br/> + + If you are interested in donating towards the campaign (once it begins), register your interest by contacting + Francis Rowe, using the information on the <a href="../contrib/">maintainers page</a>. + </li> + <li> Lenovo G505S (works without CPU microcode updates). Videos BIOS is not yet fully replaced (openatom doesn't have a working framebuffer, yet, but it can draw a bitmap in user space, using a special utility) - @@ -53,17 +95,6 @@ SMU needs replacing (ruik/funfuctor/patrickg/mrnuke might be able to help). </li> <li> - ASUS KGPE-D16 - code not yet public, - ported by <a href="">Raptor Engineering Inc.</a> (USA). - They are asking for 90K* USD to pay for the work to upstream the code (do code review, add more patches, - get it merged in coreboot master repository - a lot of work!). Crowd funding will be necessary. - Crowd funding will be necessary. - See <a href="">coreboot mailing list</a>. - This board uses DIP-8 (socket) SPI flash, so it's easy to flash (external flashing required for initial install). - * was 35K. The extra 15K is a stretch goal for S3 support and full text-mode graphics initialization (bugs eliminated). - * 40K was added for Fam15h support. See <a href=""></a> - </li> - <li> F2A85-M and E350M1 (libreboot_*_headless.rom). Test openatom (video BIOS replacement). SMU firmware is a problem. XHCI firmware is a problem. </li> <li>