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docs/tasks: urgent tasks for upcoming release

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diff --git a/docs/src/tasks.texi b/docs/src/tasks.texi @@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ @menu * Libreboot task list:: +* URGENT tasks for next upcoming release * Important tasks for the libreboot project:: * Special news that affects libreboot:: * Board ports:: @@ -30,6 +31,81 @@ @anchor{#libreboot-task-list} Back to @uref{index.html,index.html}. +@node URGENT tasks for next upcoming release +@chapter URGENT tasks for next upcoming release +@anchor{#urgent-tasks-for-next-upcoming-release} +@itemize +@item +Make libreboot GNU-compatible (see +@item +Fix keyboard init on x60/t60 (right now delay isn't long enough. might be fixed upstream) +@item +Make KGPE-D16, KCMA-D8, GA-G41M-ES2L and D510MO use latest coreboot revision +@item +Make all other boards use the same coreboot revision +@item +In coreboot download script, reset to a "master" revision (all other revisions +used are at or before this revision). Then use 1 version of coreboot's GCC toolchain, +from the master revision, and use that to compile all boards +@item +Don't copy coreboot directories per board. Copy them per revision (try +to always use 1 revision for all boards). When doing build module coreboot, +do git-init for each revision and for boards using that revision, create +branches with the patches for that board. checkout each branch for each board. +When doing build clean coreboot, just switch the coreboot directories back +to master and delete .git. Note that this is a new .git, not coreboot's .git. +@item +LOok at configs of KGPE-D16 and KCMA-D8. There were boot delays caused by it +last time I asked tpearson to test ROM images. Fix any issues +@item +GM45 laptops in libreboot.git currently have uneven backlight at lower levels. +This was fixed but patch was removed due to upstream changes, with intent to +re-implement fix on top of upstream later. Do that. +@item +Make sure the RTC bug on thinkpads is fixed, and write instructions for +how to recover for those who were affected (fix includes not just using +newer version of coreboot in libreboot, where fix is upstreamed, but if +a person was affected, they need to modify some values in NVRAM - the +century byte, specifically, changing it back to 0x20. +@item +general polishing of the docs - re-order some sections, make it easier for novices to read +@item +some boards don't have adequate installation instructions (most server/desktop boards). fix that +@item +use the timeless branch from coreboot (rebase for different revisions). we don't need timestamps. +this is needed for reproducible builds (reproducible builds are for later release, not next release). +See @uref{,} +and @uref{,} +@item +(probably won't be done before release) have tpearson look into boot delays on d8/d16/dre, and USB issues +on dre) +@item +@item +(probably won't be done before release) have damo22 look into vesa framebuffer graphics on d510mo (right +now only text mode works, including in GNU/Linux) +@item +GuixSD /boot/ FDE full disk encryption guide. +@item +fix up R500 port (if not ready before wanting to release, just remove R500 before release) +@item +add W500 (probably won't be done before release, but a user did report that it does work +with T500 ROM images iirc) +@item +fix up screen compatibility issues on t400/t500 (francis has a 1440x900 T400 and 1920x1200 T500 to test on) +@item +merge patch for sinkhole on x60 (probably already merged upstream in coreboot) +@item +get patrickg to fix sinkhole on gm45 (send that person an X200) +@item +(not for release, just putting it here). SHA1 was apparently broken. This has implications for git. +Context: +@uref{,this post} and +@uref{,this page} +- maybe reproducibly tar up the downloaded git repositories that libreboot uses, +and check sha512 hashes (maybe stronger hash, or even multiple hashes) - also +start GPG signing your commits. maintain offline file hashes of repositories +@end itemize + @node Important tasks for the libreboot project @chapter Important tasks for the libreboot project @anchor{#important-tasks-for-the-libreboot-project}