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diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -54,10 +54,9 @@ ownership of users. This has several benefits for AMD. There is currently a huge demand in the market for libre hardware. At present, the only companies providing -it are ones like [Ministry of Freedom]( where -systems are sold with entirely free software, including the boot -firmware and operating system, without any signed firmware for which no -keys are available to the public. +it are ones like libreboot suppliers where systems are sold with entirely free +software, including the boot firmware and operating system, without any signed +firmware for which no keys are available to the public. The problem? These companies are selling much older systems that are made libre mostly through reverse engineering. At present, the systems diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -2,12 +2,8 @@ title: Donate ... -The project is funded by [Minifree Ltd]( sales of -libreboot-preinstalled systems (laptops, desktops, servers, etc). [Leah -Rowe]( runs both Minifree and the Libreboot project. - -There are also some libreboot stickers and systems with libreboot -preinstalled that you can purchase, linked to from the [suppliers -page](, which can further support the libreboot project. - +The project is primarily funded by [Minifree Ltd]( +Minifree is one of several vendors of libreboot machines; their profits support +the project itself. +We are not taking direct donations at the time.