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diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -14,11 +14,13 @@ mascot"){#logo}]( [Bugs]( -- [Contribute]( -- [Management]( -- -[Tasks]( +[Tasks]( -- +[Preinstalled systems]( Libreboot is a [free]( (as in freedom) BIOS or UEFI replacement, initialising the hardware and booting your -operating system. +operating system. It also also available preinstalled from +[these suppliers]( **[Community feedback is needed on whether domain name ownership should be transferred to the diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -0,0 +1,113 @@ +--- +title: Suppliers selling or providing Libreboot pre-installed +... + +For some, installing Libreboot can be an intimidating task, so several +companies and individuals have taken it upon themselves to provide systems with +Libreboot preinstalled. This is a list of those companies (sorted into +alphabetical order, to remove bias) along with lists of what Libreboot hardware +they provide (some of these companies also invest money/skills into Libreboot +development): + +These lists also include Libreboot-related merchendise, such as stickers. +Some of these hardware sellers also have endorsement from the Free Software +Foundation, via their *Respects Your Freedom* certification program. + +Libiquity +========= + +Patrick McDermott, the founder of Libiquity, is also a former Libreboot +contributor, having contributed several useful patches to the project. + +List of what they sell: +---------------------- + +- [Taurinus X200 laptop]( (FSF RYF certified) +- [Libreboot laptop palmrest stickers]( +- [Libreboot laptop lid / desktop chassis stickers]( + +Ministry of Freedom (Minifree) +============================== + +Leah Rowe, the founder of Minifree, is also the founder of the Libreboot +project, and a current contributor to the project (but Leah is no longer leader +of the Libreboot project, although she still invests money into Libreboot +development, especially ports to newer hardware). Minifree is also the first +company to ever achieve FSF RYF status. + +Profits from Minifree sales are invested directly into Libreboot development. + +List of what they sell: +----------------------- + +- [Libreboot X220 laptop]( +- [Libreboot T400 laptop]( (FSF RYF certified) +- [Libreboot D16 desktop/workstation]( +- [Libreboot D16 server]( +- [Libreboot installation service]( +- [Libreboot X200/X220 docking station]( +- [Libreboot stickers]( + +Technoethical +============= + +Technoethical (formerly Tehnoetic) is a team of free software activists and +developers that are selling hardware pre-installed with libreboot as a way to +fund the activity within their nonprofit foundation. + +List of what they sell: +---------------------- + +- [Libreboot installation service]( +- [Technoethical T500 laptop]( +- [Technoethical T400 laptop]( +- [Technoethical X200 Tablet laptop]( +- [Technoethical X200 laptop]( + +Vikings +======= + +Vikings is the first company to offer hosting on hardware pre-installed with +libreboot and they are also selling the hardware itself to fund the building +of their libreboot-powered datacenter. + +List of what they sell: +---------------------- + +- [Vikings D16 1U server]( +- [Vikings D16 mainboard]( (FSF RYF certified) +- [Vikings D16 workstation]( +- [Vikings X200 laptop]( (FSF RYF certified) + +Other suppliers +=============== + +Sellers on eBay +--------------- + +On the eBay website, in various countries, you can search for libreboot and +you may find some individual sellers providing Libreboot-preinstalled hardware. + +We cannot verify the quality of these suppliers, but they do exist. + +Some of them also provide choice of GNU+Linux distribution, or they may provide +services where you can ship your Libreboot-compatible device to them and they +would install Libreboot for you. + +This can be useful for some people, but due to the nature of eBay, we cannot +link to them since eBay listings are regularly deleted due to expiration (some +sellers may choose to have longer listings, or renew expired listings). + +There may also be other websites similar to eBay (e.g. mercado livre, available +for several South American countries) that might have Libreboot hardware on +them. + +**If you are considering purchasing from a supplier on eBay, make sure to read +their feedback comments for other products that they sell, and check their +seller rating. Don't get duped by a bad seller!** + +Workshops/hackerspaces +---------------------- + +You may have a GNU+Linux User Group, free software workshop or hackerspace near +you that can help you with installing Libreboot, for instance.