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diff --git a/docs/tasks.html b/docs/tasks.html @@ -192,6 +192,9 @@ <h1>Build system</h1> <ul> <li> + tpearson's patches for gm45 have been rebased. update coreboot-libre again. + </li> + <li> When downloading coreboot/grub/memtest/etc using the download scripts, it currently does not check the integrity of these sources at all. Libreboot releases are signed, but what can be done to improve it is to check the sha512sums of all files downloaded @@ -257,6 +260,10 @@ <h1>Documentation improvements</h1> <ul> <li> + Add info about FTDI FT232H usbdebug (BBB could be used for this): + <a href=""></a> + </li> + <li> Add information from hw registers on all boards. Get them for the following remaining boards: X60, T60, macbook21, R400 </li>