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Author: Leah Woods <>
Date:   Sat,  7 May 2016 16:06:19 +0100

docs (flashrom page): note about strict devmem option in the linux kernel

docs/src/install/index.texi | 5+++++
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diff --git a/docs/src/install/index.texi b/docs/src/install/index.texi @@ -24,6 +24,11 @@ @anchor{#installing-libreboot} This section relates to installing libreboot on supported targets. +NOTE: if running flashrom -p internal for software based flashing, and you +get an error related to /dev/mem access, you should reboot with iomem=relaxed +kernel parameter before running flashrom, or use a kernel that has +CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM not enabled. + @uref{../index.html,Back to previous index} @menu * Software methods::