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commit 926ffa53e2034f867034bfe0aa771a502bfc1391
parent c019457769d5beb47e3f11c353a26afcb61eadfd
Author: Francis Rowe <>
Date:   Sun,  7 Jun 2015 07:00:15 +0100

build/release/docs: copy straight to release/

resources/scripts/helpers/build/release/docs | 21+++++++++------------
1 file changed, 9 insertions(+), 12 deletions(-)

diff --git a/resources/scripts/helpers/build/release/docs b/resources/scripts/helpers/build/release/docs @@ -31,23 +31,20 @@ else distdir='libreboot_docs' fi +[ -d release/ ] || mkdir release/ + printf 'Deleting old documentation release archives\n' -rm -f "${distdir}.tar.xz" rm -f "release/${distdir}.tar.xz" -rm -Rf "${distdir}/" +rm -Rf "release/${distdir}/" -printf 'Copying documentation to %s/\n' "${distdir}" -cp -R docs/ "${distdir}/" +printf 'Copying documentation to %s/\n' "release/${distdir}" +cp -R docs/ "release/${distdir}/" -printf '%s\n' "${version}" >"${distdir}/version" +printf '%s\n' "${version}" >"release/${distdir}/version" -printf 'Creating %s.tar.xz\n' "${distdir}" -tar -c "${distdir}/" | xz -9e >"${distdir}.tar.xz" - -# Move the archives to the release/ directory. -[ -d release/ ] || mkdir release/ -mv "${distdir}.tar.xz" release/ +printf 'Creating %s.tar.xz\n' "release/${distdir}" +tar -c "release/${distdir}/" | xz -9e >"release/${distdir}.tar.xz" -rm -Rf "${distdir}/" +rm -Rf "release/${distdir}/" printf 'Documentation release archives are stored in release/\n'