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diff --git a/docs/misc/ b/docs/misc/ @@ -210,18 +210,32 @@ battery goes to a critically low charge level, a beep occurs. Nvramtool is included in libreboot, and can be used to enable or disable this behaviour. +You need to write changes in a libreboot rom image, and flash it, in order +to apply them. You can either use a pre-compiled rom image, or create an image +from the current one in your computer. See here +<> for +more information on how to do that. + +Once you have a libreboot rom image, say 'libreboot.rom', you can write +changes on the image with the following commands. + Disable or enable beeps when removing/adding the charger: - $ sudo ./nvramtool -w power\_management\_beeps=Enable - $ sudo ./nvramtool -w power\_management\_beeps=Disable + $ sudo ./nvramtool -C libreboot.rom -w power\_management\_beeps=Enable + $ sudo ./nvramtool -C libreboot.rom -w power\_management\_beeps=Disable Disable or enable beeps when battery is low: - $ sudo ./nvramtool -w low\_battery\_beep=Enable + $ sudo ./nvramtool -C libreboot.rom -w low\_battery\_beep=Enable + $ sudo ./nvramtool -C libreboot.rom -w low\_battery\_beep=Disable + +You can check that the parameters are set in the image with : - $ sudo ./nvramtool -w low\_battery\_beep=Disable + $ sudo ./nvramtool -C libreboot.rom -a -A reboot is required, for these changes to take effect. +Finally, you need to flash the rom with this new image. See here +<> +for a detailed explanation. Get EDID: Find out the name (model) of your LCD panel =====================================================