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diff --git a/docs/install/images/x200/disassembly/0006.1.jpg b/docs/install/images/x200/disassembly/0006.1.jpg Binary files differ. diff --git a/docs/install/ b/docs/install/ @@ -108,13 +108,14 @@ completely, since the flash chip is on the other side of the board). Remove these screws:\ ![](images/x200/disassembly/0003.jpg) -Push the keyboard forward, gently, then lift it off and disconnect it -from the board:\ +Gently push the keyboard towards the screen, then lift it off, and optionally +disconnect it from the board:\ ![](images/x200/disassembly/0004.jpg) ![](images/x200/disassembly/0005.jpg) -Pull the palm rest off, lifting from the left and right side at the back -of the palm rest:\ +Disconnect the cable of the fingerpring reader, and then pull up the palm rest, +lifting up the left and right side of it:\ +![](images/x200/disassembly/0006.1.jpg) ![](images/x200/disassembly/0006.jpg) Lift back the tape that covers a part of the flash chip, and then @@ -127,19 +128,10 @@ to your PSU:\ ![](images/x200/disassembly/0009.jpg) ![](images/x200/disassembly/0010.jpg) -Connect the 3.3V supply from your PSU to the flash chip (via the clip):\ +Connect the 3.3V DC supply from your PSU to the flash chip (via the clip):\ ![](images/x200/disassembly/0011.jpg) ![](images/x200/disassembly/0012.jpg) -Of course, make sure that your PSU is also plugged in and turn on:\ -![](images/x200/disassembly/0013.jpg) - -This tutorial tells you to use an ATX PSU, for the 3.3V DC supply. The -PSU used when taking these photos is actually not an ATX PSU, but a PSU -that is designed specifically for providing 3.3V DC (an ATX PSU will -also work):\ -![](images/x200/disassembly/0014.jpg) - Now, you should be ready to install libreboot. Flashrom binaries for ARM (tested on a BBB) are distributed in