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add Leah's public apology to the homepage

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diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -80,6 +80,40 @@ Transparency and collaboration are the way forward. ~Alyssa Rosenzweig +A message from Leah, to further compliment Alyssa's submission: + +I acknowledge that what I did was wrong. Although I felt justified at the time, +I ended up hurting a lot of people, most of whom were uninvolved with any of +the relevant events. At the time of taking Libreboot out of GNU, I was going +through intense personal difficulty in my life, and I was highly unstable. +Presented with a similiar situation, I likely won't respond the way I did +before. I've changed a lot, and I promise this type of thing won't happen +again. + +What I'd like the most, is to simply focus on Libreboot as I've always done, +and to forget about what happened in the past and move on. + +I sincerely hope that the FSF, GNU project and others who I have hurt, can do +the same. My only goal at present is to continue improving Libreboot, and to do +everything in my power to make libre hardware a reality for everyone, as is the +goal of the Libreboot project. + +I will remain in my place as a developer in this project, but everything that I +do from now on will be the result of open collaboration with others in the +project. I very nearly single handedly destroyed this project, and caused a lot +of damage to the entire community, damage which I now wish to repair. I love +Libreboot, Free Software and the community, and my only wish is to see it +thrive. + +I wish well any and all outreach organisations that do work with the FSF; e.g. +Outreachy, who are working to do what they can to improve conditions for women, +LGBT people and other minorities in the sphere of computing and engineering +fields, related to Free Software. + +I hope that any damage I caused to the community is not permanent. + +~Leah Rowe + Why use libreboot? ------------------