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diff --git a/docs/hardware/ b/docs/hardware/ @@ -42,10 +42,35 @@ DDR2 533/667 Registered ECC. 16 slots. Total capacity up to 64GiB. Hex-core CPUs {#hexcore} ============= -PCB revision 1.05G is the best version of this board (the revision -number will be printed on the board), because it can use dual hex-core -CPUs (Opteron 2400/8400 series). Other revisions are believed to only -support dual quad-core CPUs. +PCB revision 1.05G is the latest version of this board and the best one +(the revision number is be printed on the board), if you want to use +dual hex-core CPUs (Opteron 2400/8400 series), though only two board +configurations are believed to support them. Other revisions are +believed to only support dual quad-core CPUs. + +To be sure your board supports a CPU check the official ASUS website here: +<>. Note: not all CPUs are listed. + +If you are running a Hex-Core CPU on any board version, please contact us. + +Board configurations {#configurations} +============== +There are 7 different configurations of this board: "standard", 2S, iKVM, +iKVM/IST, SAS, SAS/iKVM and SAS/iKVM/IST. + +The 2S boards have two PCI-E slots with the numbers of lanes shared, +making each slot have 8 lanes. + +The iKVM boards are so called because they offer a remote real-time access +to the machine through a removable PCI management card, their hardware is +the same as the non-iKVM ones. + +The SAS versions have a 4-port SAS controller and a four 7-pin SAS connectors +instead of the PCI-E 8x slot which is present in all the other board configurations. +Note: the SAS functionality is **not supported** by libreboot. + +The IST versions with PCB revision 1.05G are the ones who are believed to +support the six core Opteron Istanbul processors (2400 and 8400 series). Current issues {#issues} ============== @@ -59,19 +84,25 @@ Current issues {#issues} config](;a=blob;f=asus/kfsn4-dre/4.0-10101-g039edeb/2015-06-27T03:59:16Z/config.txt;h=4742905c185a93fbda8eb14322dd82c70641aef0;hb=055f5df4e000a97453dfad6c91c2d06ea22b8545) doesn't have the issue. -- Text-mode is a bit jittery (but still usable). (the jitter - disappears if using KMS, once the kernel starts. The jitter will - remain, if booting the kernel in text-mode). +- Text-mode is jittery and it may not be usable, so it's recommended + to flash the BIOS with the coreboot frame-buffer image (kfsn4-dre_vesafb.rom). + The jitter disappears if using KMS once the kernel starts, but it will + remain, if booting the kernel in text-mode. - Booting from USB mass storage devices is not possible; neither GRUB nor SeaBIOS detect USB drives when present. USB keyboards function - under both GRUB and SeaBIOS, albeit slowly under GRUB - (several seconds per character typed). + under both GRUB and SeaBIOS, albeit slowly under GRUB (several seconds per + character typed). + +- To install an operating system you will need a hard disk + with a pre-installed OS otherwise you have to plug in another hard disk or + a CD/DVD reader in order to boot a copy of the installer of your OS, since + the USB booting doesn't work. Other information ================= -[specifications]( +[specifications]( Copyright © 2015 Leah Rowe <>\