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diff --git a/docs/distros/index.html b/docs/distros/index.html @@ -30,6 +30,13 @@ whole system <em>GNU/Linux</em>, since this is the technically correct name for the system. </p> + <h2>FSF-endorsed distros</h2> + <p> + Many FSF-endorsed GNU/Linux distributions are considered unfit + for general use by the libreboot project. + You can read about their problems here:<br/> + <a href="../fsf-distros/">Why we can't endorse many FSF-endorsed distributions</a>. + </p> <p> <a href="../gnulinux/grub_boot_installer.html">How to install GNU/Linux on a libreboot system</a> </p> diff --git a/docs/fsf-distros/index.html b/docs/fsf-distros/index.html @@ -0,0 +1,132 @@ +<!DOCTYPE html> +<html> +<head> + <meta charset="utf-8"> + <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> + + <style type="text/css"> + @import url('../css/main.css'); + </style> + + <title>Explaining Why We Don't Endorse FSF-endorsed Systems</title> +</head> + +<body> + + <div class="section"> + <h1 id="pagetop">Explaining Why We Don't Endorse FSF-endorsed Systems</h1> + <p> + We are asked why we don't endorse most FSF-endorsed distributions, + usually well-known within the FSF community. + </p> + <p> + To learn more about the GNU/Linux systems that we do endorse, + check out our list of + <a href="../distros/">free GNU/Linux distributions</a>. The <em>only</em> + FSF-endorsed distribution that we endorse there is <em>Parabola</em>. + </p> + <p> + <a href="../gnulinux/grub_boot_installer.html">How to install GNU/Linux on a libreboot system</a> + </p> + <p> + <a href="../">Back to main index</a> + </p> + </div> + + <div class="section"> + + <h2>Blag</h2> + <p> + It's a dead project. + </p> + <h2>Dragora</h2> + <p> + It's a dead project. + </p> + <h2>Dynebolic</h2> + <p> + It's a dead project. + </p> + <h2>gNewSense</h2> + <p> + It's a dead project. + </p> + <h2>GuixSD</h2> + <p> + It's the GNU project's official distribution. + <a href="../gnu/">Libreboot is opposed to the GNU project</a>. + It's actively developed, but it's not yet ready for use by + most end users. + </p> + <h2>Musix</h2> + <p> + It's a dead project. + </p> + <h2>Trisquel</h2> + <p> + The lead developer (Ruben Rodriguez) of Trisquel is one of the accused FSF employees + in their <a href="../gnu/">recent discriminatory firing of + a trans person from the FSF</a>, and Trisquel is one of the most + aggressively promoted distributions on the part of the Free Software + Foundation. We are opposed to the FSF, and Trisquel endorses them, + so endorsing Trisquel means endorsing the FSF. + </p> + <h2>Ututo</h2> + <p> + It's a dead project. + </p> + + <p><a href="#pagetop">Back to top of page</a></p> + + </div> + + <div class="section"> + + <p> + Copyright &copy; 2016 Leah Rowe &lt;;<br/> + Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document + under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license + or any later version published by Creative Commons; + + A copy of the license can be found at <a href="../cc-by-sa-4.0.txt">../cc-by-sa-4.0.txt</a> + </p> + + <p> + Updated versions of the license (when available) can be found at + <a href=""></a> + </p> + + <p> + UNLESS OTHERWISE SEPARATELY UNDERTAKEN BY THE LICENSOR, TO THE + EXTENT POSSIBLE, THE LICENSOR OFFERS THE LICENSED MATERIAL AS-IS + AND AS-AVAILABLE, AND MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF + ANY KIND CONCERNING THE LICENSED MATERIAL, WHETHER EXPRESS, + IMPLIED, STATUTORY, OR OTHER. THIS INCLUDES, WITHOUT LIMITATION, + WARRANTIES OF TITLE, MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR + PURPOSE, NON-INFRINGEMENT, ABSENCE OF LATENT OR OTHER DEFECTS, + ACCURACY, OR THE PRESENCE OR ABSENCE OF ERRORS, WHETHER OR NOT + KNOWN OR DISCOVERABLE. WHERE DISCLAIMERS OF WARRANTIES ARE NOT + ALLOWED IN FULL OR IN PART, THIS DISCLAIMER MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. + </p> + <p> + TO THE EXTENT POSSIBLE, IN NO EVENT WILL THE LICENSOR BE LIABLE + TO YOU ON ANY LEGAL THEORY (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, + NEGLIGENCE) OR OTHERWISE FOR ANY DIRECT, SPECIAL, INDIRECT, + INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, PUNITIVE, EXEMPLARY, OR OTHER LOSSES, + COSTS, EXPENSES, OR DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF THIS PUBLIC LICENSE OR + USE OF THE LICENSED MATERIAL, EVEN IF THE LICENSOR HAS BEEN + ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH LOSSES, COSTS, EXPENSES, OR + DAMAGES. WHERE A LIMITATION OF LIABILITY IS NOT ALLOWED IN FULL OR + IN PART, THIS LIMITATION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. + </p> + <p> + The disclaimer of warranties and limitation of liability provided + above shall be interpreted in a manner that, to the extent + possible, most closely approximates an absolute disclaimer and + waiver of all liability. + </p> + + </div> + +</body> +</html>