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update FAQ entry related to BSD systems

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diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -909,40 +909,11 @@ setting) for the graphics. Can I use BSD? ---------------------------------- -For the most part, BSD systems remain untested in libreboot. BSD systems -contain binary blobs (non-free firmware and applications), so do beware. -**We need proper documentation for BSD in libreboot. Documentation is in -the git repository. [This page]( shows how to send patches to -the libreboot project.** - -[This reddit -post]( -has some basic information. - -<> - -OpenBSD 5.9 or higher is believed to be compatible with video in X11 -(libertyBSD 5.9 or higher is also compatible). See -<>. -Another user also reported success with OpenBSD: -<>. **NOTE: -[Libreboot has openbsd instructions now!](../docs/bsd/openbsd.html). -Thanks go to Scott Bonds who submitted the initial documentation for it. -TODO: Test LibertyBSD (deblobbed OpenBSD version) and make that the main -recommended version of OpenBSD in the guide.** - -FreeBSD is believed to be compatible (text mode). We don't know if it -can work with a framebuffer, although at least one user did report that -FreeBSD supports kernel mode setting, so it might be possible. This -individual was able to boot FreeBSD in text mode, using libreboot -20160818: see -<>. - -At least one user reported to us that NetBSD should work in libreboot -out of the box. - -We would like to merge instructions for installing and booting BSD on -libreboot systems. [Patches are welcome!]( +Absolutely! Libreboot has native support for NetBSD, OpenBSD and LibertyBSD. +Other distros are untested. + +See: +[docs/bsd/](docs/bsd/) Are other operating systems compatible? -------------------------------------------------------------------