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diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -7,6 +7,10 @@ Download Libreboot from the Git repository here: **git clone** +You can submit your patches via +[Notabug pull requests](#how-to-submit-your-patches-via-pull-requests) or +[via mailing list](#how-to-submit-your-patches-via-mailing-list). + Editing the website and documentation, wiki-style ------------------------------------------------- @@ -21,7 +25,8 @@ with the following scripts in that directory: Libreboot website Use any standard text editor (e.g. Vim, Emacs, Nano, Gedit) to edit the files, -commit the changes and [send patches](#how-to-submit-your-patches). +commit the changes and +[send patches](#how-to-submit-your-patches-via-pull-requests). Optionally, you can install a web server (e.g. lighttpd, nginx) locally and set the document root to the *www* directory in your local Git repository. @@ -47,7 +52,8 @@ development. General code review guidelines ------------------------------ -Any member of the public can [submit a patch](#how-to-submit-your-patches). +Any member of the public can +[submit a patch](#how-to-submit-your-patches-via-pull-requests). Members with push access must *never* push directly to the master branch; issue a Pull Request, and wait for someone else to merge. Never merge your own work! @@ -64,8 +70,8 @@ In your terminal: A new directory named ***libreboot*** will have been created, containing libreboot. -How to submit your patches --------------------------- +How to submit your patches (via pull requests) +---------------------------------------------- Make an account on <> and navigate (while logged in) to <>. Click *Fork* and in your account, @@ -83,3 +89,26 @@ have your own Git repository with the patches. Once you have issued a Pull Request, the Libreboot maintainers will be notified via email. If you do not receive a fast enough response from the project, then you could also notify the project via the #libreboot channel on Freenode. + +How to submit your patches (via mailing list) +--------------------------------------------- + +We also have a mailing list at +[]( + +Information about this mailing list, including how to subscribe, can be found +at <>. + +Archives of previous discussion on this mailing list can be found at +<>. + +The mailing list software in use is +[GNU Mailman](, so the way to use it is +the same as on other libre software projects. + +If you prefer, you can submit patches the old-fashioned (as some may say, +proper) way by sending them to our mailing list. Code review by our +[maintainers]( is done on both Notabug and on the mailing list. + +Once approved, your patch will be merged in the master branch of the main Git +repository. diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ mascot"){#logo}]( [Install](docs/install/) -- [Docs](docs/) -- [News](news/) -- +[Lists](lists/) -- [Chat]( -- [Bugs]( -- [Contribute]( --