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Author: Francis Rowe <>
Date:   Sun, 28 Jun 2015 21:25:23 +0100

docs/hcl/x200.html: Remove useless information about LCD panels

All panels are known to work on these laptops.

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diff --git a/docs/hcl/x200.html b/docs/hcl/x200.html @@ -153,39 +153,16 @@ <div class="section"> <h2 id="lcd_supported_list">LCD compatibility list</h2> + <p> - Unless otherwise noted (italic styling, underlined), these are CCFL 1280x800 screens with TN panels inside. - Please do advise if you spot mistakes here. - </p> - <p> - Use the instructions at <a href="../misc/index.html#get_edid_panelname">../misc/index.html#get_edid_panelname</a> - to get the name of your panel, then check it against the list below. If your panel is untested, then by all means - try it! (and get in touch with the libreboot project to advise whether or not it worked). - </p> - <p> - AUO = AU Optronics. List of panels below based on + LCD panel list (X200 panels listed there): <a href=""></a> </p> + <p> - Tested LCD panels (confirmed working): - </p> - <ul> - <li>X200/X200S: LG-Philips LP121WX3-TLC1 (sgsit on IRC has this panel) (LED backlight)</li> - <li>X200/X200S: Samsung LTN121AT03 (phcoder on IRC has this panel)</li> - <li>X200/X200S: AUO B121EW03 V.6 (fchmmr on IRC has this panel)</li> - <li>X200S: TMD-Toshiba LTD121EQ3B (1440x900 resolution) (LED backlight) (sgsit on IRC has this panel)</li> - </ul> - <p> - Untested LCD panels (status unknown): + All LCD panels for the X200, X200S and X200 Tablet are known to work. </p> - <ul> - <li>X200 Tablet: TMD-Toshiba LTD121KX6B (LED backlight)</li> - <li>X200/X200S: TMD-Toshiba LTD121EWVB</li> - <li>X200/X200S: AOU B121EW09 V.2 (LED backlight)</li> - <li>X200/X200S: FRU 42T0715 (no manufacturer/model given) (LED backlight)</li> - <li>X200/X200S: LG-Philips LP121WX3-TLA1 (LED backlight)</li> - <li>X200/X200S: 42T0713 FRU (no model/manufacturer given) (LED backlight)</li> - </ul> + <p> <a href="#pagetop">Back to top of page.</a> </p>