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diff --git a/docs/grub/ b/docs/grub/ @@ -0,0 +1,103 @@ +GRUB EDITOR +=========== + +Libreboot ROM images now support fluid _grub.cfg_ and _grubtest.cfg_ +configuration editing with the script! Instead of manually running +cbfstool to manipulate these configuration files, this script will handle the +work for you so you can focus on actually modifying your GRUB configuration +files to your setup's needs. + +At the time of this writing, supports extracting and editing +either the grub.cfg or grubtest.cfg file in any cbfstool-compatible Libreboot +ROM image that contains these files, even ones that have been previously +modified. It can also swap these configuration files in an existing ROM image, +handy if you have a working grubtest.cfg and want to make it the default or if +you broke the main grub.cfg and know that your grubtest.cfg still works. Lastly, +it can also run diff on these two configuration files to show you how they +differ. + +Introduction +============ + takes a number of options, the only one which is required being a +valid Libreboot ROM image that uses the GRUB2 payload and contains both +_grub.cfg_ and _grubtest.cfg_ files. Additional options should come _before_ the +ROM image file on the command line. + +You can call the script the **-h** or **--help** option to view a brief summary +of the options available. Consider this guide a more extensive version of this +screen. + supports extended getopt, which means that all options have both a +short and a long form which respectively begin with a single hyphen and a double +hyphen. You can group together several short options with a single hyphen like +**-ris** (or not, like **-r -i -s**). Long options should be written as +standalone arguments. + +Lastly, you can check which version of you are using with the +**-v** or **--version** option. + +Requirements +============ + requires an x86, x86_64, or armv7l environment, since these are +the environments for which cbfstools binaries are provided. Additionally, needs a Bash environment with extended getopt functionality that +can run the **diff** command and write to /tmp. Lastly, the script expects to +live in the top directory of the Libreboot utilities package so it can properly +call cbfstool. + +Chances are that you already meet these requirements if you are on a Linux +environment of the listed architectures and downloaded the Libreboot utilities +package from an official source. If not, it shouldn't be too hard to use a +Linux LiveCD of your choice which provides these essentials. + +Optionally, you should make sure your EDITOR variable is set. Otherwise, will default to using vi, which may not exist on your system. You +can override this default or the contents of your EDITOR variable using the +**-e** or **--editor** command. + +Editing configuration files +=========================== + +Invoked without any arguments except for the ROM image, will +attempt to extract the _grubtest.cfg_ file from the provided ROM image and +launch it in your editor of choice. If you make changes to the file, will incorporate your changes into a new ROM image with the same +name in the same directory, except that the new ROM file will end with +".modified". You can then flash this ROM image to your platform's BIOS chip. + +If you would prefer to edit the actual _grub.cfg_ configuration file, use the +**-r** or the **--realcfg** option. Everything else will work the same except +that your editor will open the _grub.cfg_ instead. + +If you would prefer to overwrite your existing ROM image instead of creating a +new one ending in ".modified" use the **-i** or **--inplace** option. +Naturally, you can combine this option with the **-r/--realcfg** option +described above. + +Swapping and diffing grub.cfg and grubtest.cfg +============================================== + supports swapping the _grub.cfg_ and _grubtest.cfg_ configuration +files with the **-s** or **--swap** options. This will create a new ROM image +alongside the existing ROM image ending with ".modified" which has these files +swapped. Naturally, you can request this operation overwrite the existing file +instead using the **-i/--inplace** option. + +Lastly, supports comparing _grub.cfg_ and _grubtest.cfg_ files for +differences with the **-d** or **--diffcfg** option. This uses the diff command +by default, but if you want to use another program (e.g. vimdiff), you can +specify it with the **-D** or **--differ** option. Note that this mode is only +intended to show differences in the files and does not support updating the +configs themselves, so any changes you make in an interactive differ will be +ignored. + +Conclusion +========== + +I hope that will significantly ease modifying your configuration +files in your Libreboot ROM files. + +Should you find any bugs or want any feature requests, please don't hesitate to +email me or bug me on IRC. diff --git a/resources/scripts/misc/ b/resources/scripts/misc/ @@ -45,6 +45,7 @@ # # -D | --differ [/path/to/]differ: use /path/to/differ instead of "diff", can # be an interactive program like vimdiff +# # THIS BLOCK IS EXPERIMENTAL # Allow debugging by running DEBUG= ${0}. @@ -53,6 +54,9 @@ # -e kills the script if any function returns not-zero #set -u +# Version number of script +geversion="0.1.1" + # Define the list of available option in both short and long form. shortopts="hrie:sdD:" longopts="help,realcfg,inplace,editor:,swapcfgs,diffcfgs,differ:" @@ -101,9 +105,14 @@ get_options() { case "$1" in -h|--help) show_help - # I return non-zero here just so nobody thinks we successfully edited grub.cfg + # I return non-zero here just so nobody thinks we successfully edited grub{,test}.cfg exit 200 ;; + -v|--version) + show_version + # I return non-zero here just so nobody thinks we successfully edited grub{,test}.cfg + exit 201 + ;; -r|--realcfg) edit_realcfg=1 shift @@ -307,6 +316,10 @@ existing file HELPSCREEN } +show_version() { + echo "${geversion}" +} + swap_configs() { # Procedure: # 1. Call cbfstool twice, once each to extract grub.cfg and grubtest.cfg. @@ -356,12 +369,19 @@ diff_configs() { # Determine the differ command to use. find_differ + grubcfg="$(random_filer "grubcfg")" + testcfg="$(random_filer "testcfg")" + # Extract config files from provided romfile. - "${cbfstool}" "${romfile}" extract -n grub.cfg -f /tmp/grub_tmpdiff.cfg - "${cbfstool}" "${romfile}" extract -n grubtest.cfg -f /tmp/grubtest_tmpdiff.cfg + "${cbfstool}" "${romfile}" extract -n grub.cfg -f "${grubcfg}" + "${cbfstool}" "${romfile}" extract -n grubtest.cfg -f "${testcfg}" # Run the differ command with real as first option, test as second option. - "${use_differ}" /tmp/grub_tmpdiff.cfg /tmp/grubtest_tmpdiff.cfg + "${use_differ}" "${grubcfg}" "${testcfg}" + + # Delete the temporary copies of the configuration files. + rm "${grubcfg}" + rm "${testcfg}" } edit_config() { diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -133,3 +133,9 @@ Vladimir Serbinenko Ported many of the thinkpads supported in libreboot, to coreboot, and made many fixes in coreboot which benefited the libreboot project. Contact **phcoder** in the \#coreboot IRC channel on freenode. + +Zyliwax +------------------- + +Wrote the script and associated documentation. Contact +**zyliwax** in the \#libreboot channel.