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docs/src/hcl/c201.texi: Note about Parabola on ARM

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diff --git a/docs/src/hcl/c201.texi b/docs/src/hcl/c201.texi @@ -73,13 +73,13 @@ We also use a similar argument for the MacBook and the ThinkPads that are suppor @anchor{#considerations-about-chromeos-and-free-operating-systems} This laptop comes preinstalled (from the factory) with Google ChromeOS. This is a GNU/Linux distribution, but it's not general purpose and it comes with proprietary software. It's designed for @emph{@uref{,SaaSS}}. Libreboot recommends that users of this laptop replace it with another distribution. @menu -* No FSF-endorsed distros available:: +* FSF endorsed distros:: @end menu -@node No FSF-endorsed distros available -@section No FSF-endorsed distros available -@anchor{#no-fsf-endorsed-distros-available} -The FSF has a @uref{,list of distributions} that are 100% free software. None of these are confirmed to work on ARM CrOS devices yet. Parabola looks hopeful: @uref{,} +@node FSF endorsed distros +@section FSF endorsed distros +@anchor{#fsf-endorsed-distros} +The FSF has a @uref{,list of distributions} that are 100% free software. Only one of them is confirmed to work on ARM CrOS devices. Parabola looks hopeful: @uref{,} The libreboot project would like to see all FSF-endorsed distro projects port to these laptops. This includes Trisquel, GuixSD and others. And ProteanOS. Maybe even LibreCMC. The more the merrier. We need them, badly.