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diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -29,15 +29,13 @@ Do you have a mirror? --------------------- Let us know! We will add it here. Instructions for how to mirror -libreboot releases can be found [here]( +libreboot releases can be found [here](#rsync). HTTPS mirrors {#https} ------------- These mirrors are recommended, since they use TLS (https://) encryption. -<> (Libreboot project official mirror) - <> (University of Kent, UK) @@ -51,6 +49,25 @@ Project, USA) <> (, France) +RSYNC mirrors {#rsync} +------------- + +Useful for mirroring Libreboot's entire set of release archives. + +<rsync://> (Libreboot project official mirror) + +<rsync://> (University of Kent, +UK) + +<rsync://> (Princeton university, USA) + +<rsync://> (, Romania) + +<rsync://> + +Are you running a mirror? Contact the libreboot project, and the link will be +added to this page! + HTTP mirrors {#http} ------------ diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -1,47 +0,0 @@ ---- -title: Rsync repositories for the release archives -... - -Create a directory in your web directory (e.g. libreboot/) and put one -of these in your crontab: - -Libreboot project, UK (main rsync mirror) ------------------------------------------ - -**rsync -avxP --delete --stats -/path/to/docroot/libreboot/** - -University of Kent, UK (backup mirror) --------------------------------------- - -**rsync -avxP --delete --stats -rsync:// -/path/to/docroot/libreboot/** - -Princeton university, USA (backup mirror) ------------------------------------------ - -**rsync -avxP --delete --stats -rsync:// -/path/to/docroot/libreboot/** -, Romania (backup mirror) ---------------------------------- - -**rsync -avxP --delete --stats rsync:// -/path/to/docroot/libreboot/** -, Slovenia (backup mirror) ------------------------------------ - -**rsync -avxP --delete --stats rsync:// -/path/to/docroot/libreboot/** - -Are you running a mirror? Contact the libreboot project, and the link will be -added to the [download]( page. - -Libreboot includes statically linked executables. If you need the -sources for those statically linked dependencies inside the executables, -then you can contact the libreboot project using the details on the home -page; source code will be provided. You can download this source code -from [here](