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remove note about fsf recommended distros

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diff --git a/docs/gnulinux/grub_boot_installer.html b/docs/gnulinux/grub_boot_installer.html @@ -90,35 +90,6 @@ </div> - <div id="guix" class="section"> - - <h2>GNU Guix System Distribution?</h2> - - <p> - The Guix installers uses the GRUB bootloader, unlike most GNU/Linux installers which will likely use ISOLINUX. - </p> - <p> - To boot the Guix live USB install, select <b><i>Search for GRUB configuration (grub.cfg) outside of CBFS</i></b> from - the GRUB payload menu. After you have done that, a new menuentry will appear at the very bottom with text like - <b><i>Load Config from (usb0)</i></b>; select that, and it should boot. - </p> - <p> - Once you have installed Guix onto the main storage device, check - <a href="grub_cbfs.html#option1_dont_reflash">grub_cbfs.html#option1_dont_reflash</a> for hints on how - to boot it. - </p> - - <p> - GuixSD (Guix System Distribution) is highly recommended; it's part of GNU, and - <a href="">endorsed</a> by Creative Commons. - </p> - - <p> - <a href="#pagetop">Back to top of page</a>. - </p> - - </div> - <div id="trisquel_netinstall" class="section"> <h2>Trisquel net install?</h2> diff --git a/docs/hcl/c201.html b/docs/hcl/c201.html @@ -88,19 +88,11 @@ This laptop comes preinstalled (from the factory) with Google ChromeOS. This is a GNU/Linux distribution, but it's not general purpose and it comes with proprietary software. It's designed for <i><a href="">SaaSS</a></i>. Libreboot recommends that users of this laptop replace it with another distribution. </p> - <h2>FSF endorsed distros</h2> - <p> - The FSF has a <a href="">list of distributions</a> that are 100% free software. - Only one of them is confirmed to work on ARM CrOS devices. Parabola looks hopeful: <a href=""></a>. - </p> - <p> - The libreboot project would like to see all FSF-endorsed distro projects port to these laptops. This includes Trisquel, GuixSD and others. - And ProteanOS. Maybe even LibreCMC. The more the merrier. We need them, badly. - </p> - <p> - <b>We need these distributions to be ported as soon as possible.</b> - </p> <p> + Use one of the distributions recommend by the libreboot project. + See <a href="../distros/">../distros/</a> + </p> + <p> <a href="#pagetop">Back to top of page</a>. </p> </div>