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remove outdated information from the documentation

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diff --git a/docs/hcl/ga-g41m-es2l.html b/docs/hcl/ga-g41m-es2l.html @@ -22,9 +22,6 @@ <p> IDE on the board is untested, but it might be possible to use a SATA HDD using an IDE SATA adapter. The SATA ports do work. </p> - <p> - <strong>NOTE: This board is unsupported in libreboot 20150518. To use it in libreboot, for now, you must build for it from source using the libreboot git repository.</strong> - </p> <p> You need to set a custom MAC address in GNU+Linux for the NIC to work. In /etc/network/interfaces on debian-based systems like Debian or Devuan, this would be in the entry for your NIC:<br/>