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diff --git a/docs/git/ b/docs/git/ @@ -38,8 +38,6 @@ or: For other GNU+Linux distributions, you can adapt the existing scripts. -[Back to top of page](#pagetop) - Get the full source code from metadata (git clone) {#build_meta} ================================================== @@ -327,7 +325,5 @@ libreboot\_src.tar.xz have been created, under The ROM images will be stored in separate archives for each system, under **release/oldbuildsystem/rom/**. -[Back to top of page](#pagetop) - Copyright © 2014, 2015, 2016 Leah Rowe <>\ This page is available under the [CC BY SA 4.0](../cc-by-sa-4.0.txt) diff --git a/docs/gnulinux/ b/docs/gnulinux/ @@ -232,8 +232,6 @@ Set a password: Use of the *diceware method* is recommended, for generating secure passphrases (instead of passwords). -[Back to top of page](#pagetop) - systemd ------- @@ -306,8 +304,6 @@ Read that manpage, and then continue studying all the files. The systemd developers tell me that it isn't usually necessary to touch the systemd-tmpfiles utility manually at all. -[Back to top of page](#pagetop) - Interesting repositories {#interesting_repos} ------------------------ diff --git a/docs/grub/ b/docs/grub/ @@ -58,8 +58,6 @@ I then added that instructions to the grub.cfg files (to load the font):\ **loadfont (memdisk)/dejavusansmono.pf2** -[Back to top of page](#pagetop) - GRUB keyboard layouts (for reference) {#grub_keyboard} ===================================== @@ -87,8 +85,6 @@ The build scripts will automatically see this, and automatically build ROM images with your custom layout (given the name) and include them under bin. Example: **libreboot\_frazerty.rom**. -[Back to top of page](#pagetop) - UK Dvorak keyboard layout in GRUB (for reference) {#grub_ukdvorak_keyboard} ------------------------------------------------- @@ -98,7 +94,5 @@ file was created $ cat ukdvorak | ./grub/grub-mklayout -o ukdvorak.gkb -[Back to top of page](#pagetop) - Copyright © 2014 Leah Rowe <>\ This page is available under the [CC BY SA 4.0](../cc-by-sa-4.0.txt) diff --git a/docs/hcl/ b/docs/hcl/ @@ -1,7 +1,5 @@ % Intel D945GCLF desktop board -[Back to previous index]( - If you just want flashing instructions, go to [../install/d945gclf.html]( diff --git a/docs/hcl/ b/docs/hcl/ @@ -57,8 +57,6 @@ working). There may be exceptions; in other words, this is a list of It is also possible to build ROM images (from source) for other systems (and virtual systems, e.g. QEMU). -[Back to top of page](#pagetop) - EC update on i945 (X60, T60) and GM45 (X200, T400, T500, R400) {#ecupdate} ============================================================== @@ -78,8 +76,6 @@ only replaces the BIOS firmware, not EC. Updated EC firmware has several advantages e.g. bettery battery handling. -[Back to top of page](#pagetop) - How to find what EC version you have (i945/GM45) {#ecversion} ================================================ @@ -92,8 +88,6 @@ Sample output:\ 7WHT19WW is the version in different notation, use search engine to find out regular version - in this case it's a 1.06 for x200 tablet -[Back to top of page](#pagetop) - Recommended wifi chipsets {#recommended_wifi} ------------------------- @@ -112,8 +106,6 @@ project if these work with linux-libre kernel (TODO: test): - \[0200\]: Qualcomm Atheros AR242x / AR542x Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) \[168c:001c\] -[Back to top of page](#pagetop) - List of supported ThinkPad X60s {#supported_x60_list} ------------------------------- diff --git a/docs/install/ b/docs/install/ @@ -7,8 +7,6 @@ you get an error related to /dev/mem access, you should reboot with iomem=relaxed kernel parameter before running flashrom, or use a kernel that has CONFIG\_STRICT\_DEVMEM not enabled. -[Back to previous index](../) - General information ------------------- @@ -274,8 +272,6 @@ You should see **"Verifying flash\... VERIFIED."** written at the end of the flashrom output. **Shut down** after you see this, and then boot up again after a few seconds. -[Back to top of page](#pagetop) - ThinkPad X60/T60: Initial installation guide (if running the proprietary firmware) {#flashrom_lenovobios} ================================================================================== diff --git a/docs/install/ b/docs/install/ @@ -17,8 +17,6 @@ This only covers SOIC-8 flash chips, for now. SOIC-16 guide coming later (for now, it should be easy enough for you to figure this out for SOIC-16). -[Back to previous index](../) - [](#raspberry-pi-thinkpad-x60t60-and-macbook-21){#user-content-raspberry-pi-thinkpad-x60t60-and-macbook-21 .anchor}Raspberry Pi (ThinkPad X60/T60 and Macbook 2,1) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ diff --git a/docs/misc/ b/docs/misc/ @@ -110,8 +110,6 @@ Note: part of the tutorial above requires changing your grub.cfg. Just change the **linux** line to add instructions for enabling getty. See [../gnulinux/grub\_cbfs.html](../gnulinux/grub_cbfs.html). -[Back to top of page](#pagetop) - Finetune backlight control on intel gpu's =========================================