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commit d1bb5d6fcc75f07ca6a58b5536906980aff9d253
parent 919af0e6b7cbff2171d370a0b830f2b9d740410b
Author: Francis Rowe <>
Date:   Sun, 19 Jul 2015 00:31:16 +0100

New board: ThinkPad R500 (experimental)

The ich9deblob and ich9gen utilities were modified, so that they
support reading and/or writing descriptor images where the GbE
region is not defined. These utilities were also re-factored
and tidied up a bit.

A quick was noticed during the course of this work, in that
Compenent 1 Density was being set to 8MiB constantly, even
on systems with 4MiB flash chips. Component 2 Density was
set statically to 2MiB. ich9gen now sets both to 4MiB or 8MiB,
depending on whether building the descriptor for a 4MiB or
8MiB ROM image.

There are still some ACPI bugs (see docs/hcl/r500.html), which
will have to be fixed upstream. TODO: get hw reg dumps from
a factory R500, and compare with the X200 or T400 dumps.

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