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diff --git a/docs/ b/docs/ @@ -1,16 +1,11 @@ --- -title: Libreboot release information +title: Libreboot release information +x-toc-enable: true ... Updated versions of libreboot can be found at []( -Old releases ------------- - -See [archive\_old.html](archive_old.html) for information about older -libreboot releases. - Libreboot 20160907 {#release20160907} ================== @@ -204,5 +199,1288 @@ Kocialkowski) Various fixes to the ich9gen utility (e.g. flash component density is now set correctly in the descriptor, gbe-less descriptors now supported) +Release 20150518 {#release20150518} +================ + +Release date: 18th May 2015. + +Installation instructions can be found at ***docs/install/***. Building +instructions (for source code) can be found at ***docs/git/\#build***. + +Machines supported in this release: +----------------------------------- + +- **ThinkPad X60/X60s** + - You can also remove the motherboard from an X61/X61s and replace + it with an X60/X60s motherboard. An X60 Tablet motherboard will + also fit inside an X60/X60s. +- **ThinkPad X60 Tablet** (1024x768 and 1400x1050) with digitizer + support + - See ***docs/hcl/\#supported\_x60t\_list*** for list of supported + LCD panels + - It is unknown whether an X61 Tablet can have it's mainboard + replaced with an X60 Tablet motherboard. +- **ThinkPad T60** (Intel GPU) (there are issues; see below): + - See notes below for exceptions, and + ***docs/hcl/\#supported\_t60\_list*** for known working LCD + panels. + - It is unknown whether a T61 can have it's mainboard replaced + with a T60 motherboard. + - See ***docs/future/\#t60\_cpu\_microcode***. + - T60P (and T60 laptops with ATI GPU) will likely never be + supported: ***docs/hcl/\#t60\_ati\_intel*** +- **ThinkPad X200** + - X200S and X200 Tablet are also supported, conditionally; see + ***docs/hcl/x200.html\#x200s*** + - **ME/AMT**: libreboot removes this, permanently. + ***docs/hcl/gm45\_remove\_me.html*** +- **ThinkPad R400** + - See ***docs/hcl/r400.html*** + - **ME/AMT**: libreboot removes this, permanently. + ***docs/hcl/gm45\_remove\_me.html*** +- **ThinkPad T400** + - See ***docs/hcl/t400.html*** + - **ME/AMT**: libreboot removes this, permanently. + ***docs/hcl/gm45\_remove\_me.html*** +- **ThinkPad T500** + - See ***docs/hcl/t500.html*** + - **ME/AMT**: libreboot removes this, permanently. + ***docs/hcl/gm45\_remove\_me.html*** +- **Apple MacBook1,1** (MA255LL/A, MA254LL/A, MA472LL/A) + - See ***docs/hcl/\#macbook11***. +- **Apple MacBook2,1** (MA699LL/A, MA701LL/A, MB061LL/A, MA700LL/A, + MB063LL/A, MB062LL/A) + - See ***docs/hcl/\#macbook21***. + +Changes for this release, relative to r20150208 (earliest changes last, recent changes first) +--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- + +- Add a whitelist entry to board\_enable.c in flashrom, for the + ThinkPad R400, T400 and T500 +- Updated flashrom (to SVN revision 1889) + - X200 whitelist patch removed (merged upstream) + - X200 whitelist modified to include X200S and X200 Tablet +- libreboot\_util: don't include cmos layout files (not needed + anymore) +- **coreboot-libre: backport patches for X200 Tablet digitizer + support** +- build/release/archives: create SHA512 sum manifest file of the + release archives +- build/release/archives: separate crossgcc into a new archive +- disabled generation of txtmode ROM images for now (they will be back + again in the next release) +- coreboot-libre: delete unused code (reduce size of src archive) +- Flashing guides: make them more friendly to colourblind people +- docs/gnulinux/encrypted\_\*.html: Remove mention of password + length - it was arbitrary and pointless. +- docs/maintain/: Finish the guide +- scripts/download/coreboot: use diffs included in libreboot, not + external gerrit cherry-picks - (gerrit) being + down no longer kills libreboot (backup mirrors of the master + repository exist) +- docs/install/bbb\_setup.html: Add info about wp/hold and pinouts +- docs/: improve the description of libreboot +- docs/hcl/gm45\_remove\_me.html: notes about the demefactory utility +- docs/install/bbb\_setup.html: EHCI debug: recommend linux-libre +- docs/install/bbb\_setup.html: EHCI Debug logging setup guide +- docs/hcl/t500.html: Add screen compatibility report (TODO: fix + incompatible screens) +- Update coreboot(again) + merge GM45 hybrid GPU patches - means that + T400/T500 with the ATI+Intel hybrid GPU setup will work (ATI + disabled, Intel permanently enabled). power\_on\_after\_fail nvram + option added to all GM45 boards, defaulting to No, so that plugging + it AC doesn't boot up the system against the users will. Net20DC is + now the default debug dongle on all boards (compatible with BBB). +- demefactory (new utility): create GM45 factory.rom without the ME +- ich9deblob: re-factor descriptor.c functions +- docs/hcl/t500.html: add hardware logs +- docs/gnulinux/encrypted\_\*.html: No password for default entry +- docs/git/: Add more details about BUC.TS +- grub.cfg: Also scan for grub2/grub.cfg, not just grub/grub.cfg +- docs/maintain/ (new section. WIP!): Maintaining libreboot +- docs/gnulinux/grub\_boot\_installer.html: Fix hazardous instruction +- docs/tasks.html: Better categorization between intel/amd/arm +- docs/install/bbb\_setup.html: notes about SPI flashing stability +- docs/install/bbb\_setup.html: more names for the 0.1" cables +- docs/install/\*\_external.html: add disclaimer about thermal paste +- docs/install/bbb\_setup.html: Fix broken links +- docs/install/bbb\_setup.html: preliminary notes about EHCI debug +- docs/hcl/gm45\_remove\_me.html: Link to websites talking about the + ME +- docs/install/{t400,t500,r400}\_external.html: Notes about CPU + compatibility +- Delete the ich9macchange script. It's useless, and confuses people +- docs/hcl/gm45\_remove\_me.html: prioritize ich9gen executable path +- docs/hcl/gm45\_remove\_me.html: prioritize changing mac address +- docs/hcl/gm45\_remove\_me.html: less confusing notes about ich9gen +- build/dependencies/parabola: Add dependencies for x86\_64 +- scripts/dependencies/paraboladependencies: build dependencies + (32-bit Parabola) +- **New board**: ThinkPad T500 +- Add diffs for descriptor/gbe differences between T500 and X200 +- coreboot-libre: provide better blob categorization +- docs/hcl/gm45\_remove\_me.html: add notes about flash write protect +- **New board**: ThinkPad T400 +- GRUB: add partial vesamenu.c32 support (fixes tails ISOLINUX menu) +- Update GRUB (to revision fa07d919d1ff868b18d8a42276d094b63a58e299) +- Update coreboot (to revision + 83b05eb0a85d7b7ac0837cece67afabbdb46ea65) + - Intel CPU microcode (most of it) no longer deleted, because it + was deleted upstream (moved to a 3rd party repository). + - MacBook2,1 cstate patch is no longer cherry picked (merged + upstream) + - Patch to disable use of timestamps in coreboot no longer + included (merged upstream) +- coreboot-libre: don't list vortex86ex kbd firmware as microcode + (list it separately) +- coreboot-libre: don't rm \*/early\_setup\_ss.h (these are not + blobs) +- coreboot-libre: add GPLv3 license to the findblobs script +- coreboot-libreboot: don't rm raminit\_tables (nahelem/sandybridge) + (they are not blobs) +- coreboot-libre: don't delete the .spd.hex files (they are not + blobs) +- build/release/archives: don't put rmodtool in libreboot\_util +- docs/install/x200\_external.html: recommend installing GNU+Linux at + the end +- docs/install/x200\_external.html: add more photos, improve + instructions +- build/clean/grub: use distclean instead of clean +- grub-assemble: Add the *bsd* and *part\_bsd* modules +- build/roms/withgrub: Only run ich9gen if gm45/gs45 images exist +- docs/git/: Add notes about building for specific boards +- build/roms/withgrub: Allow building for a custom range of boards +- grub-assemble: Disable verbose output +- Add documentation on how to unlock root encrypted fs with key in + initramfs in Parabola Linux +- docs/gnulinux/grub\_cbfs.html: Improve structure (easier to use) +- grub.cfg: Disable the beep on startup +- docs/install/bbb\_setup.html: Make the guide easier to use +- docs/gnulinux/grub\_cbfs.html: Remove redundant instructions +- docs/install/x200\_external.html: Mark pins in the images +- docs/install/bbb\_setup.html: Replace 3.3V PSU photo with ATX PSU +- docs/hcl/x200.html: Add dumps from 4-MiB X200 with Lenovo BIOS 3.22 +- docs/hcl/x200.html: Add dumps from 4-MiB X200 with Lenovo BIOS 3.18 +- grub.cfg: add syslinux\_configfile menuentry for ahci0 +- grub.cfg: Add more paths for syslinux\_configfile +- docs/future.html: T60: Add EDID dump from LG-Philips LP150E05-A2K1 +- docs/install/bbb\_setup.html: Further clarify which clip is needed +- bash scripts: Make script output more user-friendly in general +- bash scripts: Only enable verbose output if DEBUG= is used +- build: Support multiple extra options - now possible to build + multiple images for arbitrary boards (configs), but without building + the entire collection. +- Deleted the signing archive key - the finger print and ID is given + instead, so that the user can download it from a key server +- scripts/helpers/build/release: Move docs to separate archive - + reduces the size of the other archives considerably +- Move DEBLOB to resources/utilities/coreboot-libre/deblob +- scripts/helpers/build/release: Delete DEBLOB from libreboot\_src/ - + not needed in libreboot\_src (release archive) because it contains a + coreboot revision that has already been deblobbed. +- flash (script): Use *build* instead of *DEBLOB* to know if in src +- docs/install/r400\_external.html: Show images, don't link. +- docs/install/x200\_external.html: Show images, don't link. +- docs/install/bbb\_setup.html: Show images, instead of linking +- Documentation: optimize all images (reduce file sizes) +- Remove download links from the release page (and the archive page) - + release archives are hosted differently following this release, + which means that the old methods are no longer viable. +- Moved ich9macchange to resources/scripts/misc/ich9macchange +- ich9macchange: assume that the script is being run from \_util (act + only on one ROM image, defined by a user-provided path) +- Move grub-background to resources/scripts/misc/grub-background +- grub-background: assume that it is being run from libreboot\_util +- grub-background: change only one ROM image, specified by path +- build (release archives): Add the commitid file to release/ +- build-release: Move the release archives to release/ +- Merge all build scripts into a single generic script, with helpers + in resources/scripts/helpers/build/ +- Replace *getall* with *download*, which takes as input an argument + specifying which program the user wants to download. +- Moved the get scripts to resources/scripts/helpers/download/ +- build-release: Remove the powertop entries +- Documentation: general improvements to the flashing instructions +- Merged all flashing scripts into a single script +- Updated GRUB +- bucts: Make it build without git +- Moved dejavu-fonts-ttf-2.34/AUTHORS to resources/grub/font/ +- Deleted GRUB Invaders from libreboot +- Deleted SeaBIOS from libreboot +- build-release: optimize use of tar (reduced file sizes) +- grub.cfg: add another SYSLINUX config location + (/syslinux/syslinux.cfg) +- build-release: remove the bin/ directory from libreboot\_util +- cleandeps: delete the bin/ directory +- buildrom-withgrub: create the bin directory if it does not exist +- coreboot-libre: don't use git for version timestamp +- i945-pwm: add clean command to Makefile +- i945-pwm: add -lz to Makefile +- docs/install/x200\_external: Mention GPIO33 non-descriptor mode +- docs/hcl/: Remove redundant links +- ich9macchange: Add R400 +- build-release: Separate ROM images into individual archives +- build-release: rename libreboot\_bin to libreboot\_util +- **New board:** ThinkPad R400 support added to libreboot. +- bbb\_setup.html: tell user to use libreboot's own flashrom + + + +Release 20150124, 20150126 and 20150208 {#release20150124} +======================================= + +Release date: 24th January 2015. + +Machines supported in this release: +----------------------------------- + +- **Lenovo ThinkPad X60/X60s** + - You can also remove the motherboard from an X61/X61s and replace + it with an X60/X60s motherboard. An X60 Tablet motherboard will + also fit inside an X60/X60s. +- **Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet** (1024x768 and 1400x1050) with + digitizer support + - See **hcl/\#supported\_x60t\_list** for list of supported LCD + panels + - It is unknown whether an X61 Tablet can have it's mainboard + replaced with an X60 Tablet motherboard. +- **Lenovo ThinkPad T60** (Intel GPU) (there are + issuesinstall/x200\_external.html; see below): + - See notes below for exceptions, and + **hcl/\#supported\_t60\_list** for known working LCD panels. + - It is unknown whether a T61 can have it's mainboard replaced + with a T60 motherboard. + - See **future/\#t60\_cpu\_microcode**. + - T60P (and T60 laptops with ATI GPU) will likely never be + supported: **hcl/\#t60\_ati\_intel** +- **Lenovo ThinkPad X200** + - X200S and X200 Tablet are also supported, conditionally; see + **hcl/x200.html\#x200s** + - **ME/AMT**: libreboot removes this, permanently. + **hcl/gm45\_remove\_me.html** +- **Lenovo ThinkPad R400** (r20150208 and later, only) + - **ME/AMT**: libreboot removes this, permanently. + **hcl/gm45\_remove\_me.html** +- **Apple MacBook1,1** (MA255LL/A, MA254LL/A, MA472LL/A) + - See **hcl/\#macbook11**. +- **Apple MacBook2,1** (MA699LL/A, MA701LL/A, MB061LL/A, MA700LL/A, + MB063LL/A, MB062LL/A) + - See **hcl/\#macbook21**. + +Revisions for r20150208 (relative to r20150126) +----------------------------------------------- + +This is a maintenance release (polishing) based on r20150126. Users who +installed r20150126 don't really need to update to this release. + +- buildrom-withgrub: use gnulove.jpg background on 16:10 laptops + (MacBook2,1 and X200) +- build-release: include grub-background script in libreboot\_bin +- grub-background (new): lets user change GRUB background image +- grub-assemble: Add link to original utility. +- buildrom-withgrub: Put background.jpg in CBFS, not GRUB memdisk +- grub-assemble: merge scripts into a single script +- Documentation: implement theme, drastically improve readability +- docs/hcl/: update list of compatible T60 LCD panels +- docs/: more clarification of libreboot's stated purpose. +- build-release: include the commitid file in the release archives +- docs/: Further emphasize the GNU+Linux requirement. +- lenovobios\_firstflash: fix BASH errors +- lenovobios\_secondflash: fix BASH errors +- docs/install/x200\_external.html: Tell user to switch MAC address. +- docs/git/: Add to the list of x86\_64 compatible hosts. +- docs/install/: Remove old (obsolete) information. +- docs/git/: Say that the build dependencies are for src (and not + nedeed for libreboot\_bin) +- build: re-factor the descriptor/gbe generating loop for GM45/ICH9M +- X60, X60S and X60 Tablet now the same ROM images. +- Add QEMU (q35/ich9) support to libreboot. +- Add QEMU (i440fx/piix4) support to libreboot +- docs/: Re-write the description of what libreboot is. +- docs/release.html: Add notes about how to use GPG. +- build-release: delete the commitid file from release archives +- build-release: create file named commitid after build-release + +Revisions for r20150126 (relative to r20150124) +----------------------------------------------- + +This is a bug fix release based on r20150124. It contains a few small +changes: + +- grub.cfg: hardcode the list of partitions to search (speeds up + booting considerably. GRUB regexp isn't very well optimized) +- Docs (x200.html hcl): Remove incorrect information +- Documentation (bbb\_setup.html): Fix typos +- build-release: delete ich9fdgbe\_{4m,8m}.bin files from ich9gen + - These were accidentically included in the r20150124 release. + They are generated from ich9gen so it's ok, but they don't + need to be in the archive. +- Documentation (grub\_cbfs.html): Looping in libreboot\_grub.cfg (Add + notes about it if the user copied from grub.cfg in CBFS.) + +Changes for this release (latest changes first, earliest changes last) +---------------------------------------------------------------------- + +- grub.cfg: Added (ahci1) to list of devices for ISOLINUX parser + (CD/DVD) (this is needed for the X200 docking station). +- grub.cfg: ISOLINUX parsing is now done on all USB partitions. +- grub.cfg: Automatically switched to /boot/grub/libreboot\_grub.cfg + on a partition, if it exists. +- libreboot\_bin: added static ARM binaries for flashrom, cbfstool, + ich9gen and ich9deblob (tested on beaglebone black). +- Flashrom: removed redundant Macronix flashchip definitions (for X200 + owners). +- Flashrom: added whitelist for ThinkPad X200. +- X200: fixed uneven backlight (at low levels) +- ich9macchange (new script, uses ich9gen): for changing the default + MAC address on X200 ROM images. +- ich9gen: added capability to change the default MAC address (and + update the checksum) +- ich9deblob: added new utility ich9gen: this can generate a + descriptor+gbe image without a factory.rom dump present. +- Modified ich9deblob to use a struct for Gbe, documenting everything. +- Massively updated the ich9deblob utility: re-factored everything + completely. +- Enabled cstates 1 and 2 on macbook21. This reduces idle heat / power + consumption. +- buildrom-withgrub: disabled creation of \*txtmode\*.rom for X200 + (only framebuffer graphics work) +- Updated SeaBIOS (again) +- docs/install/\#flashrom\_x200: improve instructions +- Updated flashrom (again) - patches updated +- Updated GRUB (again) +- Updated coreboot (again) +- build-release: not all files were copied to libreboot\_src. fix + that. +- build-release: include cbmem (statically compiled) in libreboot\_bin +- Documentation (X200): added software-based flashing instructions +- Documentation: remove all references to the bus pirate (replaced + with BBB flashing tutorials) +- **New board:** ThinkPad X200S and X200 Tablet support added to + libreboot +- build: automatically find board names (configs) to build for +- **New board:** ThinkPad X200 support added to libreboot +- coreboot-libre config (all boards): enable USB dongle log output + (for BeagleBone Black) +- cleandeps: actually clean grubinvaders +- .gitignore: add powertop directory +- cleandeps: clean i945-pwm utility +- scripts (all): fix typos +- Documentation: general cleanup. +- builddeps-flashrom: reduce build commands to a single for loop +- scripts (all): replace unnecessary rm -Rf with rm -f +- docs/release.html: add lenovo g505s to the list of candidates +- .gitignore: add libreboot\_bin.tar.xz and libreboot\_src.tar.xz +- libreboot\_bin.tar.xz: Include utils as statically linked binaries + - This means that the user does not have to install build + dependency or build from source anymore. +- deps-parabola (removed) Remove Parabola dependencies script. Will + re-add later (properly tested) +- grub.cfg: Add more path checks to isolinux parser (more ISOs should + work now) +- Update SeaBIOS +- x60flashfrom5 (new), for X60 users upgrading from 5th/early release +- Update flashrom +- Update GRUB +- Updated coreboot-libre + - i945: permanently set tft\_brightness to 0xff (fixes bug on X60 + where turning up brightness at max would make it loop back to + low brightness) +- getcb: Revert X60/T60 to legacy backlight controls + - The ACPI brightness patches were abandoned and obsolete. +- grub.cfg: Only load initrd.img if it exists. Add rw to linux line + (for ProteanOS) +- build: Only generate the GRUB configurations once (re-use on all + images) +- Only build 2 GRUB payload executables, re-use on all boards. +- resources/utilities/grub-assemble/ Use GNU BASH\ + resources/utilities/grub-assemble/ Use GNU BASH +- scripts (error handling): Replace exit with exit 1 (make debugging + easier) +- Move most files in CBFS to GRUB memdisk, except grub.cfg and + grubtest.cfg +- docs/release.html Add DMP vortex86ex to list of candidates. +- docs/release.html Add ThinkPad X201 to list of candidates. +- New links added to docs/security/x60\_security and + docs/security/t60\_security +- lenovobios\_secondflash: Warn if BUCTS is not present. (not a + dealbreaker. Can just pull out nvram battery/coin). +- lenovobios\_firstflash: Fail if BUCTS fails. (anti-bricking + precaution) +- Removed obnoxious warnings from flashing scripts, improved + documentation instead. +- scripts (all): add proper error checking (fail fast, fail early. Do + not continue if there are errors) +- buildrom-withgrub: rename image to boardname\_layout\_romtype.rom +- buildrom-withgrub: don't move cbfstool, execute directly +- resources/utilities/grub-assemble: add French Dvorak (BEPO) keyboard + layout. +- Documentation: add docs/hardware/x60\_keyboard.html (show how to + replace keyboard on X60/X60T) +- Documentation: major cleanup (better structure, easier to find + things) +- docs/release.html: Remove Acer CB5 from list of future candidates. + - Too many issues. Chromebooks are crippled (soldered + RAM/storage/wifi) and have too many usability issues for the + libreboot project. +- docs/gnulinux/grub\_cbfs.html Major cleanup. Usability improvements. +- flash (flashrom script): remove boardmismatch=force + - This was put there before for users upgrading from libreboot r5 + to r6, but also allows the user to flash the wrong image. For + example, the user could flash a T60 image on an X60, thus + bricking the system. It's almost certain that most people have + upgraded by now, so remove this potentially dangerous option. +- Documentation: update compatibility list for X60T LCD panels. +- docs/release.html: add note about X60 Tablet board in X60/X60s +- docs/howtos/grub\_boot\_installer.html: small corrections +- docs/howtos/grub\_boot\_installer.html: improved readability, fixed + html errors +- Documentation (macbook21 related): clean up + + + +Release 20141015 {#release20141015} +================ + +Machines supported in this release: +----------------------------------- + +- **Lenovo ThinkPad X60/X60s** + - You can also remove the motherboard from an X61/X61s and replace + it with an X60/X60s motherboard. An X60 Tablet motherboard will + also fit inside an X60/X60s. +- **Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet** (1024x768 and 1400x1050) with + digitizer support + - See **hcl/\#supported\_x60t\_list** for list of supported LCD + panels + - It is unknown whether an X61 Tablet can have its mainboard + replaced with an X60 Tablet motherboard. +- **Lenovo ThinkPad T60** (Intel GPU) (there are issues; see below): + - See notes below for exceptions, and + **hcl/\#supported\_t60\_list** for known working LCD panels. + - It is unknown whether a T61 can have its mainboard replaced with + a T60 motherboard. + - See **future/\#t60\_cpu\_microcode**. + - T60P (and T60s with ATI GPU) will likely never be supported: + **hcl/\#t60\_ati\_intel** +- **Apple MacBook1,1** (MA255LL/A, MA254LL/A, MA472LL/A) + - See **hcl/\#macbook11**. +- **Apple MacBook2,1** (MA699LL/A, MA701LL/A, MB061LL/A, MA700LL/A, + MB063LL/A, MB062LL/A) + - See **hcl/\#macbook21**. + +Changes for this release (latest changes first, earliest changes last) +---------------------------------------------------------------------- + +- Updated coreboot (git commit + 8ffc085e1affaabbe3dca8ac6a89346b71dfc02e), the latest at the time of + writing. +- Updated SeaBIOS (git commit + 67d1fbef0f630e1e823f137d1bae7fa5790bcf4e), the latest at the time of + writing. +- Updated Flashrom (svn revision 1850), the latest at the time of + writing. +- Updated GRUB (git commit 9a67e1ac8e92cd0b7521c75a734fcaf2e58523ad), + the latest at the time of writing. +- Cleaned up the documentation, removed unneeded files. +- ec/lenovo/h8 (x60/x60s/x60t/t60): Enable + wifi/bluetooth/wwan/touchpad/trackpoint by default. +- Documentation: Updated list of T60 LCDs (Samsung LTN150XG 15" XGA + listed as non-working). +- builddeps-coreboot: Don't build libpayload (not needed. This was + leftover by mistake, when trying out the TINT payload). +- Replaced most diff files (patches) for coreboot with gerrit + checkouts (cherry-pick). +- Documentation: x60\_security.html and t60\_security.html: added + links to info about the ethernet controller (Intel 82573). +- Documentation: x60\_security.html and t60\_security.html: added + notes about DMA and the docking station. +- Documentation: configuring\_parabola.html: basic post-install steps + for Parabola GNU+Linux (helpful, since libreboot development is + being moved to Parabola at the time of writing). +- builddeps-coreboot: use 'make crossgcc-i386' instead of 'make + crossgcc'. Libreboot only targets x86 at the time of writing. +- ROM images no longer include SeaBIOS. Instead, the user adds it + afterwards. Documentation and scripts updated. +- docs/images/encrypted\_parabola.html: Notes about linux-libre-grsec +- Documentation: encrypted\_parabola.html: add tutorial for encrypted + Parabola GNU+Linux installation. +- Documentation: added more info about wifi chipsets + +6th release (pre-release, 7th beta) {#release20140911} +=================================== + +- Released 11th July 2014 (pre-release) 1st beta +- Revised (pre-release, 2nd beta) 16th July 2014 +- Revised (pre-release, 3rd beta) 20th July 2014 +- Revised (pre-release, 4th beta) 29th July 2014 +- Revised (pre-release, 5th beta) 11th August 2014 (corrected 11th + August 2014) +- Revised (pre-release, 6th beta) 3rd September 2014 +- Revised (pre-release, 7th beta) 11th September 2014 + +Machines still supported (compared to previous release): +-------------------------------------------------------- + +- **Lenovo ThinkPad X60/X60s** + - You can also remove the motherboard from an X61/X61s and replace + it with an X60/X60s motherboard. + +New systems supported in this release: +-------------------------------------- + +- **Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet** (1024x768 and 1400x1050) with + digitizer support + - See **hcl/\#supported\_x60t\_list** for list of supported LCD + panels + - It is unknown whether an X61 Tablet can have its mainboard + replaced with an X60 Tablet motherboard. +- **Lenovo ThinkPad T60** (Intel GPU) (there are issues; see below) + - See notes below for exceptions, and + **hcl/\#supported\_t60\_list** for known working LCD panels. + - It is unknown whether a T61 can have its mainboard replaced with + a T60 motherboard. + - T60P (and T60s with ATI GPU) will likely never be supported: + **hcl/\#t60\_ati\_intel** +- **Apple MacBook1,1** (MA255LL/A, MA254LL/A, MA472LL/A) + - See **hcl/\#macbook11**. +- **Apple MacBook2,1** (MA699LL/A, MA701LL/A, MB061LL/A, MA700LL/A, + MB063LL/A, MB062LL/A) + - See **hcl/\#macbook21**. + +Machines no longer supported (compared to previous release): +------------------------------------------------------------ + +- **All previous systems still supported!** + +Revisions for r20140911 (7th beta) (11th September 2014) +-------------------------------------------------------- + +- The changes below were made in a git repository, unlike in previous + releases. Descriptions below are copied from 'git log'. +- Update .gitignore for new dependencies. +- Use a submodule for i945-pwm. +- Don't clean packages that fail or don't need cleaning. +- Don't clean i945-pwm, it's not needed. +- Regression fix: Parabola live ISO boot issues +- Re-enable background images in ISOLINUX/SYSLINUX GRUB parser menus +- Regression fix: Re-add CD-ROM (ata0) in GRUB +- Documentation: add notes about performance penalty when using + ecryptfs. +- Documentation: Fixed spelling and grammatical errors. +- Documentation: macbook21: add new system as tested +- Documentation: macbook21: add info about improving touchpad + sensitivity +- Documentation: X60 Tablet: add more information about finger input +- Documentation: release.html: Add information about recently merged + commit in coreboot + +Revisions for r20140903 (6th beta) (3rd September 2014) +------------------------------------------------------- + +- Added modified builddeb\* scripts for Parabola GNU+Linux-libre: + buildpac, buildpac-flashrom, buildpac-bucts (courtesy of Noah + Vesely) +- Documentation: updated all relevant areas to mention use of + buildpac\* scripts for Parabola users. +- Documentation: added information showing how to enable or disable + bluetooth on the X60 +- MacBook1,1 tested! See **hcl/\#macbook11** +- Documentation: fixed typo in \#get\_edid\_panelname (get-edit + changed to get-edid) +- Documentation: added images/x60\_lcd\_change/ (pics only for now) +- Added gcry\_serpent and gcry\_whirlpool to the GRUB module list in + the 'build' script (for luks users) +- **Libreboot is now based on a new coreboot version from August 23rd, + 2014:\ + Merged commits (relates to boards that were already supported in + libreboot):** + - <> + - <> (merged already) + - <> (merged already) + - <> (merged already) + - <> (merged already) + - **<> (merged already)** + - <> (merged already) + - <> (merged already) + - <> (merged already) + (text-mode patch, might enable memtest. macbook21) + - <> (MERGED) (remove useless + ps/2 keyboard delay from macbook21. already merged) +- These were also merged in coreboot (relates to boards that libreboot + already supported): + - <> (merged) + - <> (merged) + - <> (merged) + - <> (merged) + - <> (merged) + - <> (merged) +- Documentation: removed the section about tft\_brightness on X60 (new + code makes it obsolete) +- Removed all patches from resources/libreboot/patch/ and added new + patch: 0000\_t60\_textmode.git.diff +- Updated getcb script and DEBLOB script. +- Updated configuration files under resources/libreboot/config/ to + accomodate new coreboot version. +- Removed grub\_serial\*.cfg and libreboot\_serial\*.rom, all + configs/rom files are now unified (containing same configuration as + serial rom files from before). + - Documentation: updated \#rom to reflect the above. +- Updated GRUB to new version from August 14th, 2014. +- Unified all grub configurations for all systems to a single grub.cfg + under resources/grub/config/ +- Updated flashrom to new version from August 20th, 2014 +- Added getseabios and builddeps-seabios (builddeps and getall were + also updated) + - Added instructions to 'buildrom-withgrub' to include + bios.bin.elf and vgaroms/vgabios.bin from SeaBIOS inside the + ROM. +- Added seabios (and sgavgabios) to grub as payload option in menu +- Disabled serial output in Memtest86+ (no longer needed) to speed up + tests. + - MemTest86+ now works properly, it can output on the laptop + screen (no serial port needed anymore). +- Added getgrubinvaders, builddeps-grubinvaders scripts. Added these + to getall and builddeps. + - Added [GRUB Invaders]( + menu entry in resources/grub/config/grub.cfg +- Added rules to builddeps-coreboot to build libpayload with + TinyCurses. (added appropriate instructions to cleandeps script). +- Commented out lines in resources/grub/config/grub.cfg for loading + font/background (not useful anymore, now that GRUB is in text-mode). +- Commented out lines in buildrom-withgrub that included + backgrounds/fonts (not useful anymore, now that GRUB is in + text-mode). +- Added resources/utilities/i945-pwm/ (from + git://, for debugging acpi brightness on i945 + systems. + - Added instructions for it in builddeps, builddeps-i945pwm, + builddeb and cleandeps +- 'build' script: removed the parts that generated sha512sum + manifests (not needed, since release tarballs are GPG-signed) +- 'build' script: removed the parts that generated libreboot\_meta + directory (not needed anymore, since \_meta will be hosted in git) + - Updated \#build\_meta (and other parts of documentation) to + accomodate this change. +- Documentation: simplified (refactored) the notes in \#rom +- 'build' script: removed the parts that generated libreboot\_bin + and added them to a new script: 'build-release' + - Documentation: \#build updated to reflect the above. +- ~~Added all gcry\_\* modules to grub (luks/cryptomount): + gcry\_arcfour gcry\_camellia gcry\_crc gcry\_dsa gcry\_md4 + gcry\_rfc2268 gcry\_rmd160 gcry\_seed gcry\_sha1 gcry\_sha512 + gcry\_twofish gcry\_blowfish gcry\_cast5 gcry\_des gcry\_idea + gcry\_md5 gcry\_rijndael gcry\_rsa gcry\_serpent gcry\_sha256 + gcry\_tiger gcry\_whirlpool~~ +- Added GNUtoo's list of GRUB modules (includes all of the gcry\_\* + modules above), cryptomount should be working now. +- Removed builddeb-bucts and builddeb-flashrom, merged them with + builddeb ( updated accordingly) +- Removed buildpac-bucts and buildpac-flashrom, merged them with + buildpac ( updated accordingly) +- Renamed buildpac to deps-parabola ( updated accordingly) +- Documentation: removed all parts talking about build dependencies, + replaced them with links to \#build\_dependencies +- Documentation: emphasized more strongly on the documentation, the + need to re-build bucts and/or flashrom before flashing a ROM image. +- build-release: flashrom, nvramtool, cbfstool and bucts are no longer + provided pre-compiled in binary archives, and are now in source form + only. (to maximize distro compatibility). +- 'build' script: replaced grub.elf assembly instructons, it is now + handled by a utility added under resources/utilities/grub-assemble +- Moved resources/grub/keymap to + resources/utilities/grub-assemble/keymap, and updated that utility + to use it +- Documentation: removed useless links to pictures of keyboard layouts + and unmodified layouts. +- Removed all unused fonts from dejavu-fonts-ttf-2.34/ directory +- 'buildrom-withgrub' script: updated it to create 2 sets of ROMs + for each system: one with text-mode, one with coreboot framebuffer. +- Documentation: updated \#rom to reflect the above +- Deleted unused README and COPYING file from main directory +- Removed some rm -Rf .git\* instructions from the get\* scripts and + moved them to build-release script +- Split up default grub.cfg into 6 parts: + extra/{common.cfg,txtmode.cfg,vesafb.cfg} and + menuentries/{common.cfg,txtmode.cfg,vesafb.cfg} + - buildrom-withgrub script uses these to generate the correct + grub.cfg for each type of configuration. +- grub\_memdisk.cfg (used inside grub.elf) now only loads grub.cfg + from cbfs. It no longer enables serial output or sets prefix. + (menuentries/common.cfg does instead) +- resources/grub/config/extra/common.cfg, added: + - insmod instructions to load those modules: nativedisk, ehci, + ohci, uhci, usb, usbserial\_pl2303, usbserial\_ftdi, + usbserial\_usbdebug + - set prefix=(memdisk)/boot/grub + - For native graphics (recommended by coreboot wiki):\ + gfxpayload=keep\ + terminal\_output \--append gfxterm + - Play a beep on startup:\ + play 480 440 1 +- Documentation: updated gnulinux/grub\_cbfs.html to make it safer + (and easier) to follow. + +Corrections to r20140811 (5th beta) (11th August 2014) +------------------------------------------------------ + +- Fixed typo where revision list for 5th beta was listed as March 11th + 2014, when in fact it was August 11th 2014 +- Fixed incorrect grub.cfg that was actually placed in + resources/grub/config/x60/grub\_usqwerty.cfg which broke the default + GRUB menu entry on X60 + +Revisions for r20140811 (5th beta) (11th August 2014) +----------------------------------------------------- + +- build: added 'luks', 'lvm', 'cmosdump' and 'cmostest' to the + list of modules for grub.elf +- Documentation: added pics showing T60 unbricking (still need to + write a tutorial) +- build: include cmos.layout + (coreboot/src/mainboard/manufacturer/model/cmos.layout) files in + libreboot\_bin +- Documentation: added **install/x60tablet\_unbrick.html** +- Documentation: added **install/t60\_unbrick.html** +- Documentation: added **install/t60\_lcd\_15.html** +- Documentation: added **install/t60\_security.html** +- Documentation: added **install/t60\_heatsink.html** +- Documentation: Renamed RELEASE.html to release.html +- Documentation: removed pcmcia reference in x60\_security.html (it's + cardbus) +- Documentation: added preliminary information about randomized seal + (for physical intrusion detection) in x60\_security.html and + t60\_security.html +- Documentation: added preliminary information about + preventing/mitigating cold-boot attack in x60\_security.html and + t60\_security.html +- Documentation: added info to \#macbook21 warning about issues with + macbook21 +- Documentation: X60/T60: added information about checking custom ROMs + using dd to see whether or not the top 64K region is duplicated + below top or not. Advise caution about this in the tutorial that + deals with flashing on top of Lenovo BIOS, citing the correct dd + commands necessary if it is confirmed that the ROM has not been + applied with dd yet. (in the case that the user compiled their own + ROMs from libreboot, without using the build scripts, or if they + forgot to use dd, etc). +- Split resources/libreboot/patch/gitdiff into separate patch files + (getcb script updated to accomodate this change). +- Re-added .git files to bucts +- Fixed the oversight where macbook21\_firstflash wasn't included in + binary archives +- Release archives are now compressed using .tar.xz for better + compression + +Revisions for r20140729 (4th beta) (29th July 2014) +--------------------------------------------------- + +- Documentation: improved (more explanations, background info) in + docs/security/x60\_security.html (courtesy of Denis Carikli) +- MacBook2,1 tested (confirmed) +- macbook21: Added script 'macbook21\_firstflash' for flashing + libreboot while Apple EFI firmware is running. +- Documentation: macbook21: added software-based flashing instructions + for flashing libreboot while Apple EFI firmware is running. +- Reduced size of libreboot\_src.tar.gz: + - Removed .git and .gitignore from grub directory + (libreboot\_src); not needed. Removing them reduces the size of + the archive (by a lot). GRUB development should be upstream. + - Removed .git and .gitignore from bucts directory + (libreboot\_src); not needed. Removing them reduces the size of + the archive. bucts development should be upstream. + - Removed .svn from flashrom directory (libreboot\_src); not + needed. Removing it reduces the size of the archive. flashrom + development should be upstream. +- Added ROMs with Qwerty (Italian) layout in GRUB + (libreboot\*itqwerty.rom) +- Added resources/utilities/i945gpu/ for debugging issues + related to LCD panel compatibility on X60 Tablet and T60. (courtesy + of [Michał Masłowski]( + +Revisions for r20140720 (3rd beta) (20th July 2014) +--------------------------------------------------- + +- Fixed typo that existed in 2nd beta where the release date of the + 2nd beta was listed as being in year 2016, when in actual fact it + was 2014. +- Documentation: added (preliminary) details about (rare) buggy CPUs + on the ThinkPad T60 that were found to fail (instability, kernel + panics, etc) without the microcode updates. +- Documentation: added docs/hardware/x60\_heatsink.html for showing + how to change the heatsink on the Thinkpad X60 +- Added ROM images for Azerty (French) keyboard layout in GRUB + (courtesy of Olivier Mondoloni) +- Tidied up some scripts: + - ~~Re-factored those scripts (made easier to read/maintain): + build-x60, build-x60t, build-t60, build-macbook21~~ + - ~~Reduced the number of grub configs to 2 (or 1, for macbook21), + the build scripts now generate the other configs at build + time.~~ + - Deleted build-x60, build-x60t, build-t60, build-macbook21 and + replaced with intelligent (generic) buildrom-withgrub script + - Updated build to use buildrom-withgrub script for building the + ROM images. + - coreboot.rom and coreboot\_serial.rom renamed to + coreboot\_usqwerty.rom and coreboot\_serial\_usqwerty.rom + - coreboot\_dvorak and coreboot\_serial\_dvorak.rom renamed to + coreboot\_usdvorak.rom and coreboot\_serial\_usdvorak.rom + - Renamed coreboot\*rom to libreboot\*rom + - Made flash, lenovobios\_firstflash and lenovobios\_secondflash + scripts fail if the specified file does not exist. + - Updated all relevant parts of the documentation to reflect the + above. +- Replaced background.png with background.jpg. added gnulove.jpg. + (resources/grub/background/) +- Updated buildrom-withgrub to use background.jpg instead of + background.png +- Updated buildrom-withgrub to use gnulove.jpg aswell +- Updated resources/grub/config/macbook21/grub\*cfg to use gnulove.jpg + background. +- Updated resources/grub/config/{x60,t60,x60t}/grub\*cfg to use + background.jpg background. +- Documentation: updated docs/\#grub\_custom\_keyboard to be more + generally useful. +- nvramtool: + - Updated builddeps-coreboot script to build it + - Updated build script to include it in libreboot\_bin +- Documentation: added docs/security/x60\_security.html (security + hardening for X60) + +Revisions for r20140716 (2nd beta) (16th July 2014) +--------------------------------------------------- + +- Deleted all git-related files from the coreboot directory. This was + necessary because with those it is possible to run 'git diff' + which shows the changes made in the form of a patch (diff format); + this includes the blobs that were deleted during deblobbing. + +Revisions for r20140711 (1st beta) (11th July 2014) +--------------------------------------------------- + +- Initial release (new coreboot base, dated 1st June 2014. See + 'getcb' script for reference) +- DEBLOBBED coreboot +- Removed the part from memtest86+ 'make' where it tried to connect + to some scp server while compiling. (commented out line 24 in the + Makefile) +- X60 now uses a single .config (for coreboot) +- X60 now uses a single grub.cfg (for grub memdisk) +- X60 now uses a single grub.elf (payload) +- Added new native graphics code for X60 (replaces the old 'replay' + code) from Vladimir Serbinenko: 5320/9 from +- T60 is now supported, with native graphics. (5345/4 from +, cherry-picked on top of 5320/9 checkout) +- Added macbook2,1 support (from Mono Moosbart and Vladimir + Serbinenko) from (see 'getcb' script to know + how that was done) + - Documentation: added information linking to correct page and + talking about which models are supported. + - Added resources/libreboot/config/macbook21config + - macbook21: Added 'build-macbook21' script and linked to it in + 'build' (ROMs included under bin/macbook21/) + - macbook21: Removed dd instructions from build-macbook21 script + (macbook21 does not need bucts when flashing libreboot while + Apple EFI firmware is running) + - Documentation: Added macbook21 ROMs to the list of ROMs in + docs/\#rom + - Documentation: Write documentation linking to Mono Moosbart's + macbook21 and parabola page (and include a copy) +- Documentation: added a copy of Mono's Parabola install guide (for + macbook21 with Apple EFI firmware) and linked in in main index. +- Documentation: added a copy of Mono's Coreboot page (for macbook21) + and linked it in main index. +- T60: Copy CD option from the grub.cfg files for T60 \*serial\*.rom + images into the grub configs for non-serial images. (T60s have + CD/DVD drive on main laptop) +- macbook21: remove options in build-macbook21 for \*serial\*.rom + (there is no dock or serial port available for macbook21) +- Added patches for backlight controls on X60 and T60 with help from + Denis Carikli (see ./resources/libreboot/patch/gitdiff and ./getcb + and docs/i945\_backlight.html) + - Documentation: added docs/i945\_backlight.html showing how + backlight controls were made to work on X60/T60 +- Documentation: Added info about getting LCD panel name based on EDID + data. + - Documentation: Added a link to this from the list of supported + T60s and LCD panels for T60 (so that the user can check what LCD + panel they have). +- X60/T60: Merged patches for 3D fix (from Paul Menzel) when using + kernel 3.12 or higher (see ./resources/libreboot/patch/gitdiff and + ./getcb) + - based on 5927/11 and 5932/5 from +- Improved thinkpad\_acpi support (from coreboot ): xsensors shows + more information. + - From 4650/29 in (merged in coreboot + 'master' on June 1st 2014) +- Merged changes for digitizer (X60 Tablet) and IR (X60 and T60) based + on 5243/17, 5242/17 and 5239/19 from + - (see ./resources/libreboot/patch/gitdiff and ./getcb) +- Documentation: added information about building flashrom using + 'builddeps-flashrom' script. +- Re-created resources/libreboot/config/x60config +- Re-created resources/libreboot/config/t60config +- Added 'x60tconfig' in resources/libreboot/config (because X60 + Tablet has different information about serial/model/version in + 'dmidecode') + - Added 'build-x60t' script + - Updated 'build' script to use 'build-x60t' + - Documentation: added to \#config section the section + \#config\_x60t (libreboot configuration and dmidecode info) + - Documentation: added x60t ROMs to the list of ROMs +- Tidied up the 'builddeps' script (easier to read) +- Tidied up the 'cleandeps' script (easier to read) +- Annotated the 'buildall' script +- Added 'getcb' script for getting coreboot revision used from git, + and patching it. +- Added 'getgrub' script for getting the GRUB revision used from + git, and patching it. +- Added 'getmt86' script for getting the memtest86+ version used, + and patching it. +- Added 'getbucts' script for getting the bucts version used. +- Added 'getflashrom' script for getting the flashrom version used, + and patching it +- Added 'getall' script which runs all of the other 'get' scripts. +- Add instructions to the 'build' script to prepare + libreboot\_meta.tar.gz + - New archive: libreboot\_meta.tar.gz - minimal archive, using the + 'get' scripts to download all the dependencies (coreboot, + memtest, grub and so on). +- Documentation: added information about where 'build' script + prepares the libreboot\_meta.tar.gz archive. +- Documentation: added information about how to use the 'get' + scripts in libreboot\_meta.tar.gz (to generate + libreboot\_src.tar.gz) + - Documentation: mention that meta doesn't create libreboot\_src/ + directory, but that libreboot\_meta itself becomes the same. + - Documentation: advise to rename libreboot\_meta to + libreboot\_src after running 'getall'. +- Annotated the 'builddeb' script, to say what each set of + dependencies are for. +- Separated bucts/flashrom builddeb sections into separate scripts: + builddeb-flashrom, builddeb-bucts. +- Documentation: Updated relevant parts based on the above. +- Added instructions to 'build' script for including builddeb-bucts + and builddeb-flashrom in libreboot\_bin +- Updated flashrom checkout (r1822 2014-06-16) from SVN + ( + - Updated flashing instructions in docs/ for new commands needed + (Macronix chip on X60/T60) + - For X60/T60 (flashrom): Patched + flashchips.c\_lenovobios\_macronix and + flashchips.c\_lenovobios\_sst executables for SST/macronix + (included in resources/flashrom/patch) + - Updated builddeps to build flashrom\_lenovobios\_sst and + flashrom\_lenovobios\_macronix, for X60/T60 users with Lenovo + BIOS + - moved the flashrom build instructions from 'builddeps' and put + them in 'builddeps-flashrom', excecuting that from + 'builddeps'. + - Added builddeps-flashrom to libreboot\_bin.tar.gz +- flashrom: added patched flashchips.c to resources/flashrom/patch + (automatically use correct macronix chip on libreboot, without using + '-c' switch) + - removed 'MX25L1605' and 'MX25L1605A/MX25L1606E' entries in + flashchips.c for the patched version of flashchips.c + - added instructions to 'builddeps-flashrom' to automatically + use this modified flashchips.c in the default build +- Added builddeb to libreboot\_bin.tar.gz +- Moved 'bucts' build instructions from builddeps to builddeps-bucts + - builddeps now runs 'builddeps-bucts' instead + - Added 'builddeps-bucts' to libreboot\_bin.tar.gz + - Documentation: Added information about using 'builddep-bucts' + to build the BUC.TS utility. +- Added 'lenovobios\_firstflash' and 'lenovobios\_secondflash' + scripts + - Added instructions to 'build' script for including those files + in libreboot\_bin + - Documentation: Add tutorial for flashing while Lenovo BIOS is + running (on X60/T60) +- Added 'flash' script (make sure to run builddeps-flashrom first) + which (while libreboot is already running) can use flashrom to flash + a ROM + - eg: "sudo ./flash bin/x60/coreboot\_serial\_ukdvorak.rom" + equivalent to "sudo ./flashrom/flashrom -p internal -w + bin/x60/coreboot\_uk\_dvorak.rom" + - updated 'build' script to include the 'flash' script in + libreboot\_bin.tar.gz +- Documentation: replaced default flashrom tutorial to recommend the + 'flash' script instead. +- Re-add cbfstool source code back into libreboot\_bin.tar.gz, as + cbfstool\_standalone + - Patched that version to work (able to be built and used) without + requiring the entire coreboot source code. + - Created patched version of the relevant source files and added + it into resources/cbfstool/patch + - see coreboot/util/cbfstool/rmodule.c and then the patched + version in resources/cbfstool/patch/rmodule.c + - see coreboot/src/include/rmodule-defs.h and the rule in + 'build' for including this in + ../libreboot\_bin/cbfstool\_standalone + - Added instructions to 'build' script for applying this patch + to the cbfstool\_standalone source in libreboot\_bin + - Added instructions to 'build' script for then re-compiling + cbfstool\_standalone in libreboot\_bin after applying the patch + - Added a 'builddeps-cbfstool' script (in src, but only used in + bin and put in bin by 'build') that compiles + cbfstool\_standalone in libreboot\_bin (make), moves the + cbfstool and rmodtool binaries into libreboot\_bin/ and then + does 'make clean' in libreboot\_bin/cbfstool\_standalone + - Updated the 'build' script to put 'builddeps-cbfstool' in + libreboot\_bin + - Updated the 'build' script in the cbfstool (standalone) part + to accomodate the above. + - Documentation: added notes about cbfstool (standalone) in + libreboot\_bin +- Documentation: made docs/gnulinux/grub\_cbfs.html slightly easier to + follow. +- Annotate the 'build\*' scripts with 'echo' commands, to help the + user understand what it actually happening during the build process. +- Documentation: added information about how 'dmidecode' data was + put in the coreboot configs + - Documentation: In fact, document how the 'config' files in + resources/libreboot/config/ were created +- Documentation: Added information about which ThinkPad T60s are + supported, and which are not. +- Documentation: added information about LCD inverters (for upgrading + the LCD panel on a T60 14.1' XGA or 15.1' XGA) + - it's FRU P/N 41W1478 (on T60 14.1") so this was added to the + docs. + - it's P/N 42T0078 FRU 42T0079 or P/N 41W1338 (on T60 15.1") so + this was added to the docs. +- Documentation: added information about names of LCD panels for T60 + to the relevant parts of the documentation. +- Documentation: added information (with pictures) about the + differences between T60 with Intel GPU and T60 with ATI GPU. +- Documentation: added pictures of keyboard layouts (US/UK + Qwerty/Dvorak) to the ROM list, to let the user compare with their + own keyboard. +- Move the coreboot build instructions in 'builddeps' into + 'builddeps-coreboot' and link it in 'builddeps' + - Link to 'builddeps-coreboot' in final stage of 'getcb' +- Move GRUB build instructions from 'builddeps' into + 'builddeps-grub', link from 'builddeps' + - Link to 'builddeps-grub' in final stage of 'getgrub' +- Move MemTest86+ build instructions from 'builddeps' into + 'builddeps-memtest86', link from 'builddeps' + - Link to 'builddeps-memtest86' in final stage of 'getmt86' +- made 'build' script put resources/ directory in libreboot\_bin, to + make builddeps-flashrom work in libreboot\_bin +- Removed instructions for building source code in the 'get' script + (they don't really belong there) +- Added libfuse-dev and liblzma-dev to the list of GRUB dependencies + in 'builddeb' script. +- Converted the 'RELEASE' file to 'docs/RELEASE.html' +- Added those dependencies to builddeb script (for GRUB part): gawk + libdevmapper-dev libtool libfreetype6-dev +- Added to build script the instruction at the end to create a + sha512sum.txt with a file manifest plus checksums. +- Deleted the RELEASE and BACKPORT files (no longer needed) +- Documentation: added information about X60/T60 dock (ultrabase x6 + and advanced mini dock) to relevant sections. + - Added to docs/\#serial + +Release 20140622 (5th release) {#release20140622} +============================== + +- 7th March 2014 +- revised 22nd June 2014 + +Officially supported +-------------------- + +- ThinkPad X60 +- ThinkPad X60s + +Revision (22nd June 2014 - extra) +--------------------------------- + +- Documentation: added X60 Unbricking tutorial +- Documentation: added info about enabling or disabling wifi +- Documentation: added info about enabling or disabling trackpoint + +Revision (22nd June 2014 - extra) +--------------------------------- + +- Documentation: Improved the instructions for using flashrom +- Documentation: Improved the instructions for using cbfstool (to + change the default GRUB menu) +- Documentation: Numerous small fixes. + +Revision notes (22nd June 2014) +------------------------------- + +- updated GRUB (git 4b8b9135f1676924a8458da528d264bbc7bbb301, 20th + April 2014) +- Made "DeJavu Sans Mono" the default font in GRUB (fixes border + corruption). +- re-added background image in GRUB (meditating GNU) +- added 6 more images: + - coreboot\_ukqwerty.rom (UK Qwerty keyboard layout in GRUB) + - coreboot\_serial\_ukqwerty.rom (UK Qwerty keyboard layout in + GRUB) + - coreboot\_dvorak.rom (US Dvorak keyboard layout in GRUB) + - coreboot\_serial\_dvorak.rom (US Dvorak keyboard layout in GRUB) + - coreboot\_ukdvorak.rom (UK Dvorak keyboard layout in GRUB) + - coreboot\_serial\_ukdvorak.rom (UK Dvorak keyboard layout in + GRUB) + - (coreboot.rom and coreboot\_serial.rom have US Qwerty keyboard + layout in GRUB, as usual) +- improved the documentation: + - removed FLASH\_INSTRUCTION and README.powertop and merged them + with README + - removed obsolete info from README and tidied it up + - deleted README (replaced with docs/) +- tidied up the menu entries in GRUB +- tidied up the root directory of X60\_source/, sorted more files into + subdirectories +- improved the commenting inside the 'build' script (should make + modifying it easier) +- Renamed X60\_binary.tar.gz and X60\_source.tar.gz to + libreboot\_bin.tar.gz and libreboot\_src.tar.gz, respectively. +- Replaced "GNU GRUB version" with "FREE AS IN FREEDOM" on GNU + GRUB start screen. +- Added sha512.txt files in libreboot\_src and libreboot\_bin. (inside + the archives) +- Added libreboot\_bin.tar.gz.sha512.txt and + libreboot\_src.tar.gz.sha512.txt files (outside of the archives) + +Revision notes (11th June 2014): +-------------------------------- + +- removed 'CD' boot option from coreboot.rom (not needed) +- removed 'processor.max\_cstate=2' and 'idle=halt' options (see + README.powertop file) + +Revision notes (5th June 2014): +------------------------------- + +- added backlight support (Fn+Home and Fn+End) on X60 +- fixed broken/unstable 3D when using kernel 3.12 or higher +- (see 'BACKPORT' file) + +Revision notes (9th March 2015): +-------------------------------- + +- recreated coreboot config from scratch +- GRUB loads even faster now (less than 2 seconds). +- Total boot time reduced by further \~5 seconds. +- Added crypto and cryptodisk modules to GRUB +- cbfstool now included in the binary archives + +Development notes +----------------- + +- Binary archive now have 2 images: + - With serial output enabled and memtest86+ included (debug level + 8 in coreboot) + - With serial output disabled and memtest86+ excluded (faster boot + speeds) (debugging disabled) +- Reduced impact on battery life: + - 'processor.max\_cstate=2' instead of 'idle=halt' for booting + default kernel +- coreboot.rom (faster boot speeds, debugging disabled): + - Disabled coreboot serial output (Console-> in "make + menuconfig") + - Set coreboot debug level to 0 instead of 8 (Console-> in + "make menuconfig") + - Changed GRUB timeout to 1 second instead of 2 (in grub.cfg + - Removed background image in GRUB. + - Removed memtest86+ payload (since it relies on serial output) +- coreboot\_serial.rom (slower boot speeds, debugging enabled): + - Boot time still reduced, but only by \~2 seconds + - has the memtest86+ payload included in the ROM + - has serial port enabled. How this is achieved (from + X60\_source): Turn on debugging level to 8, and enable serial + output +- (in Console-> in coreboot "make menuconfig") +- (and build with grub\_serial.cfg and grub\_memdisk\_serial.cfg) + +Release 20140221 (4th release) {#release20140221} +============================== + +- 21st February 2014 + +Officially supported +-------------------- + +- ThinkPad X60 +- ThinkPad X60s + +Development notes +----------------- + +- Removed SeaBIOS (redundant) +- New GRUB version (2.02\~beta2) + - Fixes some USB issues + - Includes ISOLINUX/SYSLINUX parser +- New grub.cfg +- Removed useless options: + - options for booting sda 2/3/4 + - seabios boot option +- Added new menu entries: + - Parse ISOLINUX config (USB) + - Parse ISOLINUX config (CD) + - Added 'cat' module for use on GRUB command line. +- "set pager=1" is set in grub.cfg, for less-like functionality + +The "Parse" options read ./isolinux/isolinux.cfg on a CD or USB, and +automatically converts it to a grub config and switches to the boot menu +of that distro. This makes booting ISOs \*much\* easier than before. + +r20131214 (3rd release) {#release20131214} +======================= + +- 14th December 2013 + +Supported: +---------- + +- ThinkPad X60 +- ThinkPad X60s + +Development notes +----------------- + +- Added SeaBIOS payload to GRUB2 (for booting USB drives) +- new grub.cfg + +r20131213 (2nd release) {#release20131213} +======================= + +- 13th December 2013 + +Supported: +---------- + +- ThinkPad X60 +- ThinkPad X60s + +Development notes +----------------- + +- added background image to GRUB2 +- added memtest86+ payload to grub2 +- improvements to the documentation +- new grub.cfg + +r20131212 (1st release) {#release20131212} +======================= + +- 12th December 2013 + +Supported: +---------- + +- ThinkPad X60 +- ThinkPad X60s + +Development notes +----------------- + +- initial release +- source code deblobbed + + Copyright © 2014, 2015, 2016 Leah Rowe <>\ This page is available under the [CC BY SA 4.0](cc-by-sa-4.0.txt)