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diff --git a/docs/hardware/ b/docs/hardware/ @@ -90,21 +90,15 @@ file to where **libreboot.rom** is located and then insert the descriptor+gbe file into the ROM image.\ For 16MiB flash chips: - # dd if=ich9fdgbe_16m.bin of=libreboot.rom bs=1 count=12k - -conv=notrunc + # dd if=ich9fdgbe\_16m.bin of=libreboot.rom bs=12k count=1 conv=notrunc For 8MiB flash chips: - # dd if=ich9fdgbe_8m.bin of=libreboot.rom bs=1 count=12k - -conv=notrunc + # dd if=ich9fdgbe\_8m.bin of=libreboot.rom bs=12k count=1 conv=notrunc For 4MiB flash chips: - # dd if=ich9fdgbe_4m.bin of=libreboot.rom bs=1 count=12k - -conv=notrunc + # dd if=ich9fdgbe\_4m.bin of=libreboot.rom bs=12k count=1 conv=notrunc Your libreboot.rom image is now ready to be flashed on the system. Refer back to [../install/\#flashrom](../install/#flashrom) for how to flash @@ -206,13 +200,12 @@ Assuming that your libreboot image is named **libreboot.rom**, copy the **deblobbed\_descriptor.bin** file to where **libreboot.rom** is located and then run: - # dd if=deblobbed_descriptor.bin of=libreboot.rom bs=1 count=12k - -conv=notrunc + # dd if=deblobbed\_descriptor.bin of=libreboot.rom bs=12k count=1 conv=notrunc Alternatively, if you got a the **deblobbed\_4kdescriptor.bin** file (no -GbE defined), do this: \$ **dd if=deblobbed\_4kdescriptor.bin -of=libreboot.rom bs=1 count=4k conv=notrunc** +GbE defined), do this: + + # dd if=deblobbed\_4kdescriptor.bin of=libreboot.rom bs=4k count=1 conv=notrunc The utility will also generate 4 additional files: @@ -251,9 +244,7 @@ It will generate a 4KiB descriptor file (only the descriptor, no GbE). Insert that into a factory.rom image (NOTE: do this on a copy of it. Keep the original factory.rom stored safely somewhere): - # dd if=demefactory_4kdescriptor.bin of=factory_nome.rom bs=1 - -count=4k conv=notrunc + # dd if=demefactory\_4kdescriptor.bin of=factory\_nome.rom bs=4k count=1 conv=notrunc TODO: test this.\ TODO: lenovobios (GM45 thinkpads) still write-protects parts of the