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diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -4,98 +4,40 @@ x-toc-enable: true ... Useful information, related to Libreboot development, including links to the -Git repositories where development is done. Developments within Libreboot are -discussed on the -[IRC channel]( +Git repositories where development is done. Libreboot development is discussed +on the [IRC channel]( Download Libreboot from the Git repository here: **git clone** -How can I help the libreboot project? --------------------------------------- - -**At any given time, here is a list of tasks if there are any, for the -next stable release of libreboot: -[click here](** - this is -also where to send bug reports. - -There are many ways that you can assist the libreboot project. We have a -[task list on the bug tracker](, -which you can work -on (you can also add to that list). Generally speaking, adding support -for more hardware is a priority for the libreboot project. Information -about building libreboot can be found at [here](docs/git/). - -We especially need more skilled coreboot hackers to do work that will -benefit the libreboot project. This includes porting new boards to -coreboot, which are likely to be valid candidates for libreboot. - -Learn libreboot from the inside out; download the git repository, and -study libreboot. We need more full-time developers who can help to -maintain the project. - -Not a developer? You can still help! - -- Work towards convincing hardware manufacturers and designers to - start caring about free software. Perhaps even build your own - hardware. - -- Spread the word about libreboot! Tell your friends about it, and - talk about it on public internet-based discussion networks (e.g. - *social networks*). -- Install and use libreboot yourself, showing it to others and - promoting it that way. [Computers with libreboot preinstalled are - also available](, which helps to fund the libreboot - project. -- Help others to install libreboot. For example, organize an - installation workshop at your local hackerspace. -- Assist with improving the libreboot documentation, so that others - may find it easier to use. - General guidelines for submitting patches ----------------------------------------- -Some people put their name on their work, for recognition, and it's OK -if you want to do that; however, the libreboot project does not require -this. Some projects (such as coreboot) require a legal name, and this -can be problematic for certain groups of people. - -Using your legal name is **not** required when submitting patches to -libreboot. For reasons why we have this policy, read [this -article]( -You can use any name of your choosing, or your company name (if you have -one), if you want or need to do that. You can also submit patches -*without a name*, if you want or need to do that (instructions are -provided on this page). Also, read [this -article]( -Unfortunately, git appears to be stuck with these problems, when an -author changes their name, and we don't have a concrete answer to it. -As far as we know, publishing your legal name isn't even required for -copyright purposes; in fact, "pen" names are commonly used by literary -authors (computer programs are literary works). - -When submitting any kind of documentation, try not to use the terms -him/her, she/he, his/her, or anything that is gender biased. **Use -their, they, them, those people, that person, and so on.** [You are making a -huge -difference]( - -<>. NOTE: not -putting a copyright notice on a work does not mean it lacks copyright. -Copyright is *automatic* in most countries. Not putting a license on a -work also does not make that work *free*; you have to declare a free -license, otherwise the default, restrictive copyright laws apply for -those who wish to do anything with your work. Always put a license on -your work! +We require all patches to be submitted under a free license: +<>. + +You *must* declare copyright on your work, and declare a free license. Not +declaring copyright, especially if you also don't declare a license, means that +the default restrictive copyright laws apply under the Berne convention. + +If you wish to submit work without copyright, or with permissive terms, then +the *Creative Commons Zero* license is highly recommended. Otherwise, the **GNU +General Public License, version 3 or (at your option) any later version**, is +preferred; we will also accept any other free license. Libreboot development is facilitated by *[git](*, a -*distributed* version control system. You will need to install git (most -distributions package it in their repositories). +*distributed* version control system. You will need to install Git (most +GNU+Linux distributions package it in their repositories). + +GNU+Linux is generally recommended as the OS of choice, for Libreboot +development. How to download Libreboot from the Git repository ------------------------------------------------- +In your terminal: + **git clone** A new directory named ***libreboot*** will have been created, containing @@ -104,25 +46,19 @@ libreboot. How to submit your patches -------------------------- -### Method 0: Use NotABug pull requests +Make an account on <> and navigate (while logged in) to +<>. Click *Fork* and in your account, +you will have your own repository of Libreboot. Clone your repository, make +whatever changes you like to it and then push to your repository, in your +account on NotABug. -NotABug, libreboot's main git hosting provider, now provides a *pull requests* -feature. <> has the libreboot repository. Create an -account on the website, then view the libreboot repo and click "fork" and clone -your fork. Then commit your patch on top, and push into your repository (we -recommend into a non-master branch). NotABug guides you through the process of -pushing patches to it. +Now, navigate to <> and click +*New Pull Request*. -Once you have pushed your patches, go to the relevant repository on -<> and click "Pull Requests". Then click -"New Pull Request". Select the relevant branches that you want to -submit a pull request for, between the two repositories, and then click -"Submit". +You can submit your patches there. Alternative, you can log onto the Libreboot +IRC channel and notify the channel of which patches you want reviewed, if you +have your own Git repository with the patches. Once you have issued a Pull Request, the Libreboot maintainers will be notified via email. If you do not receive a fast enough response from the project, then you could also notify the project via the #libreboot channel on FreeNode. - -Relevant links to bug trackers for discussing -development (especially patch review) are on -[NotABug]( diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ mascot"){#logo}]( [News](news/) -- [Contact/IRC]( -- [Report bugs]( -- -[Send patch]( +[Send patches]( Libreboot is a [free]( and Open Source BIOS or UEFI replacement, initialising the hardware and booting your