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Author: Francis Rowe <>
Date:   Sun, 12 Jul 2015 23:30:32 +0100

docs/tasks.html: Update notes about pricing (KGPE-D16)

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diff --git a/docs/tasks.html b/docs/tasks.html @@ -69,9 +69,15 @@ latest coreboot master branch. In order to get this done in a decent enough time frame, Raptor Engineering will need to work on a more-or-less full-time basis. The funding amounts that he has asked for, are as follows: <ul> - <li>35K USD - This pays for basic support (Fam10h)</li> - <li>+15K USD (stretch goal) - This pays for S3 (suspend/resume) and text-mode graphics initialization</li> - <li>+40K USD (stretch goal) - Fam15h CPU support</li> + <li>35K USD - This pays for basic support (Fam10h), plus upstreaming. Minifree Ltd (Francis Rowe's company, sometimes known as Gluglug) will pay for this.</li> + <li> + The following will be crowd-funded:<br/> + 15K USD - pays for S3 (suspend/resume), stable text-mode graphics initialization and Fam15h CPU support + <ul> + <li>20K stretct goal - upstreaming (crowd funded)</li> + </ul> + Excess funding from the crowd funding campaign (when started) will be used to subsidize Minifree's costs, and will support the libreboot project. + </li> </ul> Although Raptor would be working for many months to get this upstreamed (merged in coreboot's master branch in the git repository), libreboot would merge it more or less instantly, probably in the same week that the