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diff --git a/docs/install/ b/docs/install/ @@ -327,24 +327,6 @@ leads, **but** keep all other leads short (10cm or less) You should now have something that looks like this:\ ![](images/x200/5252_bbb0.jpg) ![](images/x200/5252_bbb1.jpg) -Notes about stability {#stability} -===================== - -<> is what we typically do in libreboot, though -not always. That page has some notes about using resistors to affect -stability. Currently, we use spispeed=512 (512kHz) but it is possible to -use higher speeds while maintaining stability. - -tty0\_ in \#libreboot was able to get better flashing speeds with the -following configuration: - -- "coax" with 0.1 mm core and aluminum foley (from my kitchen), add - 100 Ohm resistors (serial) -- put heatshrink above the foley, for: CS, CLK, D0, D1 -- Twisted pair used as core (in case more capacitors are needed) -- See this image: <> -- He was able to flash at 50MHz (lower speeds are also fine). - Copyright © 2014, 2015 Leah Rowe <>\ Copyright © 2015 Patrick "P. J." McDermott <>\ Copyright © 2015 Albin Söderqvist\ diff --git a/docs/install/ b/docs/install/ @@ -92,17 +92,11 @@ header), for SOIC-8 (clip: Pomona 5250): chip on those pins? **On the X200S and X200 Tablet the flash chip is underneath the board, -in a WSON package. The pinout is very much the same as a SOIC-8, except -you need to solder (there are no clips available).\ -The following image shows how this is done:**\ -![](images/x200/wson_soldered.jpg "Copyright 2014 Steve Shenton <> see license notice at the end of this document")\ -In this image, a pin header was soldered onto the WSON. Another solution -might be to de-solder the WSON-8 chip and put a SOIC-8 there instead. +in a WSON package. The pinout is very much the same as a SOIC-8, but such package makes it impossible to use testclip. +In order to enable external flashing of device, chip has to be changed to SOIC-8 one. Such procedure requires hot air station and soldering station (with "knife" K-Tip to easily solder SOIC-8).\ Check the list of SOIC-8 flash chips at -[../hardware/gm45\_remove\_me.html\#flashchips](../hardware/ -but do note that these are only 4MiB (32Mb) chips. The only X200 SPI -chips with 8MiB capacity are SOIC-16. For 8MiB capacity in this case, -the X201 SOIC-8 flash chip (Macronix 25L6445E) might work. +[List of supported flash chips](\ +25XX series SPI NOR Flash in 8/16MiB sizes will work fine with libreboot. The procedure -------------