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diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -24,22 +24,30 @@ FILE=${} cat $1 > -OPTS= +OPTS="-T Libreboot" if [ "${FILE}" != "./index" ]; then - if [[ $FILE == *index ]] + if [[ $FILE == *suppliers ]] then - DEST="../" + RETURN="" else - DEST="./" - fi + if [[ $FILE == *index ]] + then + DEST="../" + else + DEST="./" + fi - RETURN="<a href='$DEST'>Back to previous index</a>" - OPTS="-T Libreboot" + RETURN="<a href='$DEST'>Back to previous index</a>" + OPTS="-T Libreboot" + fi else OPTS="--css /headercenter.css" fi +if [[ $FILE = *suppliers ]]; then + printf "\n<a href=\"../\">Back to previous index</a>\n" >> +fi if [ "${FILE}" != "./docs/fdl-1.3" ] && [ "${FILE}" != "./conduct" ]; then cat >> diff --git a/www/ b/www/ @@ -2,80 +2,90 @@ title: Suppliers selling or providing Libreboot pre-installed ... -For some, installing Libreboot can be an intimidating task, so several -companies and individuals have taken it upon themselves to provide systems with -Libreboot preinstalled. This is a list of those companies (sorted into -alphabetical order, to remove bias) along with lists of what Libreboot hardware -they provide (some of these companies also invest money/skills into Libreboot -development): - -These lists also include Libreboot-related merchendise, such as stickers. -Some of these hardware sellers also have endorsement from the Free Software -Foundation, via their *Respects Your Freedom* certification program. - Libiquity -========= - -Patrick McDermott, the founder of Libiquity, is also a former Libreboot -contributor, having contributed several useful patches to the project. +--------- -List of what they sell: ----------------------- +Patrick McDermott, Libiquity's founder, is a former Libreboot +developer. **Ships to USA only** - [Taurinus X200 laptop]( (FSF RYF certified) -- [Libreboot laptop palmrest stickers]( -- [Libreboot laptop lid / desktop chassis stickers]( +- [Libreboot chassis]( and [Libreboot Inside stickers]( Ministry of Freedom (Minifree) -============================== +------------------------------ -Leah Rowe, the founder of Minifree, is also the founder of the Libreboot -project, and a current contributor to the project (but Leah is no longer leader -of the Libreboot project, although she still invests money into Libreboot -development, especially ports to newer hardware). Minifree is also the first -company to ever achieve FSF RYF status. +Leah Rowe, Minifree's founder, is also Libreboot's founder and is an active +Libreboot developer. Minifree is the first company to achieve FSF RYF +endorsement on a computer system, and invests money directly into Libreboot. -Profits from Minifree sales are invested directly into Libreboot development. +**Minifree ships worldwide, to all countries.** -List of what they sell: ------------------------ +Laptops: - [Libreboot T400 laptop]( (FSF RYF certified) + +Desktops: + - [Libreboot D16 desktop/workstation]( + +Servers: + - [Libreboot D16 server]( + +Services: + - [Libreboot installation service]( -- [Libreboot X200/X220 docking station]( + +Merchendise: + +- [Libreboot T400 battery]( +- [Libreboot X200 battery]( +- [Libreboot X200 docking station]( - [Libreboot stickers]( Technoethical -============= +------------- Technoethical (formerly Tehnoetic) is a team of free software activists and developers that are selling hardware pre-installed with libreboot as a way to fund the activity within their nonprofit foundation. -List of what they sell: ----------------------- +**Ships worldwide, to all countries.** + +Services: - [Libreboot installation service]( + +Laptops: + - [Technoethical T500 laptop]( - [Technoethical T400 laptop]( - [Technoethical X200 Tablet laptop]( - [Technoethical X200 laptop]( Vikings -======= +------- Vikings is the first company to offer hosting on hardware pre-installed with libreboot and they are also selling the hardware itself to fund the building of their libreboot-powered datacenter. -List of what they sell: ----------------------- +**Ships worldwide, to all countries.** + +Servers: - [Vikings D16 1U server]( + +Mainboards: + - [Vikings D16 mainboard]( (FSF RYF certified) + +Desktops: + - [Vikings D16 workstation]( + +Laptops: + - [Vikings X200 laptop]( (FSF RYF certified) Other suppliers